Will there be a Horrid Henry The Movie 2?

Will there be a Horrid Henry The Movie 2?

In an interview with Novel Entertainment, aired out in January 2020 after the success of Horrid Henry: The Movie being aired on Nicktoons, executive producer Lucinda Whiteley said she was ‘absolutely (working on a sequel)!

How old is Henry in Horrid Henry The Movie?

He appears to be around 9 years old until “Horrid Henry’s Birthday” when he turns 10.

Who plays Horrid Henry’s Dad movie?

Mathew Frazer Horne (born 6 September 1978) is a British actor who played Dad in the film.

Where was Horrid Henry movie filmed?

The first-ever British kids’ movie to be filmed in 3-D will be shot in London for seven weeks and will be released next summer.

What is Horrid Henry’s parents names?

Dad (real name Simon, nicknamed Silly Simon as a child) is the father of Horrid Henry and Perfect Peter, Mum’s husband and Fussy Uncle Francis’ older brother.

How old is Peter Horrid Henry?

Horrid Henry’s Perfect Day

Horrid Henry is an 8-year-old boy who loves doing unimaginable horrible things. He throws food, he snatches things, he pushes, shoves and pinches. He has a 6-year-old brother called Perfect Peter, an extremely perfect boy who does uncountable good deeds.

What is Horrid Henry’s Mum called?

She has only broken the fourth wall once, in “Horrid Henry My Weird Family”. Her name has not been revealed in the series unlike Dad whose name was revealed to be Simon. However, several guesses as to what her name is have been made.

What is Horrid Henry’s last name?

Horrid Henry is a cartoon character and he has never been given a real surname.

What’s Horrid Henry’s last name?

When was Horrid Henry born?

Horrid Henry Series. Horrid Henry is one of fiction’s most mischievous troublemakers. The eleven-year-old prankster was born in 1994 and since then the series has grown to an impressive 25 books.

What is Horrid Henry’s dads name?

Simon is the father of Henry and Peter.

Sick Simon “Dad”

Children Horrid Henry (son) Perfect Peter (son)
Relatives Fussy Uncle Francis (brother)

Who did Horrid Henry marry?

She sometimes calls him Bogey Brain and other names. Margaret likely develops a crush on Henry in Series 4, although it is unknown because in the episode “Horrid Henry Gets Married”, Henry bumps his head and sees a vision of the future, and he is engaged to Margaret.

Is Tidy Ted a girl?

Personality. Ted is a polite young boy who takes pride in his appearance. He also appears to be quite friendly in Horrid Henry and the Detention Club.

Who is Horrid Henry’s girlfriend?

Nasty Nicola
Nasty Nicola: Henry’s girlfriend in Horrid Henry and the New Best Friend.

Who is Horrid Henry GF?

What is Horrid Henry’s mum called?

Is Horrid Henry LGBT?

He was revealed to be gay in “Perfect Peter’s Secret”. In “A dark alliance”, Peter’s perfectionist personality drove him to seek out Henry’s enemies to defeat Henry. However, he helps Henry after realising his shity plan to kill Henry and that Brainy Brian was just using Peter as a puppet.

What mental illness does Horrid Henry have?

It’s also common to believe Henry’s more horrid behaviours could be some symptoms of an undiagnosed mental health disorder such as ADHD. His trouble in school might partly be part of a learning disability (mixed with hating school and being lazy).

Why did they stop Horrid Henry?

Hundreds wrote back – with many admitting that they had switched off the programme due to copycat behaviour, or because they were “simply fed up of getting called a worm”. But some mothers revealed that their children are allowed to watch the programme and read the books at school.