Why was Teppei Kiyoshi in the hospital?

Why was Teppei Kiyoshi in the hospital?

Teppei Kiyoshi (木吉 鉄平)

The progenitor of Seirin’s basketball team and its ace, Kiyoshi is the last of the original Seirin team members to be introduced, due to a hospitalization for a knee injury he got during a game.

How did Hanamiya hurt Kiyoshi?

Hanamiya taunts Kiyoshi who doesn’t react. This angers Hanamiya, who signals his team to injure Kiyoshi and Kiyoshi gets an elbow to the face, but manages to get up again, saying that he has vowed to protect Seirin.

Does Teppei retire?

Tsuchiya announced his retirement on January 26, 2016.

Why did Kagami leave seirin?

Kagami tells the rest of Seirin that he will be transferring to a high school in USA, working on becoming an NBA player in the future. Everyone expresses their support for Kagami as well as the Generation of Miracles who have overheard the conversation as well, seeing Kagami as their best rival but also a good friend.

Why is Teppei called iron heart?

Because of his height and strength, he was one of the strongest players and was later known as one of the Uncrowned Kings, “Iron Heart”.

Who hurt Teppei?

It’s already confirmed Makoto was the one who was responsible for Teppei’s leg injury.

What is Hanamiya IQ?

He is highly intelligent and has a genius level IQ of well over 160. His aptitude has been noted by Kentarō Seto, who himself said that he was no match for Hanamiya’s genius, and byShoichi Imayoshi, who commented that Hanamiya was always at the top of exams in middle school even without studying.

Who is Taiga Kagami girlfriend?

Alexandra Garcia | Kuroko no Basuke Wiki | Fandom.

How tall is Akashi?

Akashi Seijuro has a rather small stature for someone who has captained the Generation of Miracles, as noted by Kōki Furihata, at only 173 cm tall, making him one of the shortest out of the Generation of Miracles. He has spiky bright crimson red hair and large eyes with vertical pupils the same color as his hair.

Is Teppei still alive?

The story behind Teppei’s Death
The difference between Vision and Delusion is that the latter drains the life force of the user to work. But Teppei was unaware of this fact and hence he dies of old age due to his accelerated aging as the side effect of a Delusion.

Did Kiyoshi and Riko date?

Kiyoshi & Riko Dated (Confirmed) : r/KurokosBasketball.

What is Akashi IQ?

Akashi doesn’t have a stated IQ, unlike Hanamiya (whose IQ is said to be “well over 160”). However, both of their “Skills” have been given. Hanamiya: Mental Strength – 8/10 Special Ability – 9/10. Akashi: Mental Strength – 10/10 Special Ability – 10/10. Whether “mental strength” means intelligence tho is anyone’s guess …

Who is Aomine girlfriend?

AoMomo is the het ship between Daiki Aomine and Satsuki Momoi from the Kuroko’s Basketball fandom.

Who is Kuroko’s love interest?

Satsuki Momoi
Satsuki Momoi (桃井 さつき Momoi Satsuki) is the manager of Tōō Academy and the previous manager of the Generation of Miracles at Teikō Junior High who is in love with Tetsuya Kuroko that she sees herself as his girlfriend.

How tall is Aomine?

Aomine have grew a lot in height, being at 175 cm during his time in middle school and is now 16 standing at 192 cm.


Name Aomine Daiki
Spoilers? Yes, always

How tall is Midorima?

Second tallest member in the Teikō basketball team, standing at 195 cm and weighs at 79kg.

Why does Teppei age so fast?

Teppei Used Delusion
In the Omnipresence Over Mortals, Teppei revealed to the traveler that he is been using the Delusion in combat in order to win. However, the more he succumbs himself to using the Delusion, the more his body suffers from fast aging, which costs him his life.

Where is Teppei grave?

In order to find Teppei, you will have to head towards the Bourou Village and look around the houses there to spot him. You will also come across other NPCs apart from him but keep on looking until you find him. He will be found sitting on the porch outside a house.

Does Tetsu like Momoi?

Satsuki Momoi (桃井 さつき Momoi Satsuki) is the manager of Tōō Academy and the previous manager of the Generation of Miracles at Teikō Junior High who is in love with Tetsuya Kuroko that she sees herself as his girlfriend.

Who is Akashi Seijuro girlfriend?

Hana Nakano
Hana Nakano(ハナ・中野, Nakano Hana) is Rakuzan’s current assistant coach and was formerly Teiko Junior High’s assistant coach and is the girlfriend of Akashi Seijuro.

Why is Akashi’s eye yellow?

Akashi’s eyes change based on his personality: in his normal self, both his eyes are red-maroon, whereas the “other” Akashi has heterochromatic eyes, with the right eye being red and the left being yellow/orange. He wears the white and light blue Rakuzan High jersey with the number 4.

Who is Momoi in love with?

Tetsuya Kuroko

Is Momoi in love with Kuroko?

Momoi turns the stick over and sees that it’s actually worth one free ice cream. She instantly falls in love with Kuroko and approaches him later on, thinking of herself as his girlfriend. Later on, in the -Replace- novel, she falls even more in love with him after he rescues her from being harassed by high-schoolers.

Who is Midorima’s BFF?

Shintarō Midorima
They share a close friendship in which they bicker on a regular basis. Takao also enjoys teasing Midorima, much to his annoyance. In the PSP game Kiseki no Shiai, Takao constantly breaks Midorima’s lucky items because he cannot help but do so.

Who is Midorima girlfriend?

Hina Hikawa
Shintaro Midorima (緑間 真太郎 Midorima Shintarō) was the vice-captain and shooting guard of the Generation of Miracles. He now plays for one of the Three Kings of Tokyo, Shūtoku High, He is also a Boyfriend of Hina Hikawa.