Why is one of my balls hanging lower?

Why is one of my balls hanging lower?

“It’s perfectly normal for one to be bigger and heavier – and that’s the reason it hangs lower,” says Professor David Neal, surgeon and urologist at the University of Newcastle. It’s also normal for testicles to contract.

Is it normal for one testicle to hang way lower than the other?

This is perfectly normal and nothing to worry about. Either side may be slightly larger or hang lower. But be sure to tell a parent (who will let your doctor know) if you have any pain, swelling, or lumps in your testicles.

Which testicle has more sperm?

The answer is that a man with one testicle generally produces just as much sperm as a man with two testicles. But to make sure, doing a sperm analysis would confirm this.

What is the normal position of testis?

Normal scrotal position: When in normal position, the testes are positioned at or below the midpoint of the scrotum without palpable tension on the spermatic cord.

Why do balls hang at different heights?

A French study found that the left and right testicles have different modes of thermal regulation. The left runs hotter than the right. They hang at different levels because they have separate arteries and veins that differ from each other in length, angle, and source.

Can a man with 1 testicle have babies?

How Much Does It Affect Fertility? Men with one undescended testicle can still have children, but their fertility is lower than normal by roughly half. If they have surgery to correct it, especially when younger, their fertility is about the same as if they never had a problem.

Does having 1 testicle affect testosterone?

A single testicle can produce enough testosterone to fuel your sex drive. This amount of testosterone is also enough for you to get an erection and ejaculate during an orgasm. However, if you recently lost a testicle, your healthcare provider can give you a some more detailed guidance on what to expect.

Which testicle is usually lower?


Usually, the right testicle is larger than the left. Also, one testicle (usually the left) often hangs lower than the other.

Why does my boyfriend only have one ball?

Some men may have a “buried testicle.” Known as cryptochidism, one or both testicles do not descend into the scrotum. This condition is generally, but not always, noticed at birth. Often an infant boy’s testicle that has not descended will usually move into the scrotum on its own during the first year of life.