Who won the Volleyball World Cup 2012?

Who won the Volleyball World Cup 2012?

2012 FIVB Volleyball World League

Tournament details
Venue(s) 16 (in 16 host cities)
Champions Poland (1st title)
Runners-up United States
Third place Cuba

Who has won the most Volleyball World Cup?

Russia have won six times (four as Soviet Union). The other World Cup winners are Brazil with 3 titles; United States with 2 titles; and Cuba, Italy and Germany (as East Germany), with one title each.

Who won the 2021 Volleyball World Cup?

Sada Cruzeiro
Sada Cruzeiro won their 4th title of the world champions, having beaten Cucine Lube Civitanova in the final (3:0).

2021 FIVB Volleyball Men’s Club World Championship.

Tournament details
Venue(s) 1 (in 1 host city)
Champions Sada Cruzeiro (4th title)
Tournament awards
MVP Miguel Ángel López

Has Japan ever won the volleyball World Cup?

The 13 World Cup tournaments have been won by five different national teams. China have won five times. The other World Cup winners are Cuba, with four titles; Italy, with two titles; and Japan and Russia (as Soviet Union), with one title each.

Which country is world champion in volleyball?

The initial gap between championships was variable, but since 1962 they have been held every four years. The current champion is Italy, who won their fourth title at the 2022 tournament, defeating Poland in the final.

How often is the volleyball World Cup?

The FIVB Volleyball World Cup has been held quadrennially since 1965 for men and 1973 for women, except the 1991 edition which was held after a gap of two years after the preceding edition. . From 1977 to the present it is held in Japan.

In which country volleyball is famous?

The sport is now popular in Brazil, in Europe (where especially Italy, the Netherlands, and countries from Eastern Europe have been major forces since the late 1980s), in Russia, and in other countries including China and the rest of Asia, as well as in the United States.

What is the best country at volleyball?


Brazil is still no. 1 volleyball country in the FIVB World Ranking. Russia remain second.

Does India have a volleyball team?

The India men’s national volleyball team represents India in international volleyball competitions. It is managed by the Volleyball Federation of India and is currently sponsored by Sahara India Pariwar and Asics. The Indian volleyball team has had a rollercoaster ride in its history.

What is the next big volleyball tournament?

The tournament was held in Poland and Slovenia from 26 August to 11 September 2022.
2022 FIVB Volleyball Men’s World Championship.

Mistrzostwa Świata w Piłce Siatkowej Mężczyzn 2022 Svetovno prvenstvo v odbojki 2022
Host nations Poland Slovenia
City Gliwice Katowice Ljubljana
Dates 26 August – 11 September
Teams 24 (from 5 confederations)

Which country is best at volleyball?

Who is the world best volleyball player?

These are the greatest volleyball players of all time.

  • 23. Logan Tom.
  • Sheilla Castro.
  • Kim Yeon-Koung.
  • Saeid Marouf.
  • Sergio Santos.
  • Wallace de Souza.
  • Yekaterina Gamova. Yekaterina Gamova won two silver medals at the Olympics.
  • Laura Ludwig. Germany’s Laura Ludwig at the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Which is the No 1 volleyball team?

FIVB Senior World Ranking – Men

Rank National Team WR Score
1 Poland 389
2 Italy 369
3 France 368
4 Brazil 361

Who is the best female volleyball player?

Today we present the number one player in the women’s ranking, Korean star Kim Yeon Koung. Who were your top players of the year? 2021 was a milestone year for Kim. It was the year during which she retired from the national team, 17 seasons after she debuted for South Korea in 2005.

Which country is No 1 in volleyball?

Who are the top 5 volleyball teams?

FIVB World Ranking – Men

Rank Team Points
1 Brazil 399
2 Poland 384
3 Russia 352
4 France 341

Who is the No 1 volleyball player?

Top 10 Volleyball Players In The World

S.NO Name Of The Player
1 Ivan Zaytsev
2 Gavin Schmitt
3 Earvin Ngapeth
4 Saeid Marouf

Which country is best in volleyball?

Who is the best volleyball player in the world?

Is volleyball an Olympic sport?

YesVolleyball / Current Olympic sport?

What country is best at volleyball?

Who is No 1 volleyball player?

1. Karch Kiraly. With an impressive record of three Olympic gold medals, 148 beach volleyball titles, and prize earnings of over $3 million, it’s easy to see why Karch Kiraly tops our list. Kiraly is the only volleyball player to ever win at every level as an athlete and as a coach.

What country is best in volleyball?

Who is best volleyball player?

Who is the most famous person in volleyball?

The 10 Most Famous Volleyball Players on Earth

  1. Kerri Walsh Jennings. Beach Volleyball – United States – Born 15 August 1978.
  2. Misty May-Treanor.
  3. Charles Kiraly (Karch)
  4. Regla Torres Herrera.
  5. Lorenzo Bernardi.
  6. Sheilla Tavares de Castro.
  7. Giba (Gilberto Godoy Fiho)
  8. Kim Yeon-Koung.