Who were the real Archies?

Who were the real Archies?

Ron DanteThe Archies / MembersRon Dante is an American singer, songwriter, session vocalist, and record producer. Dante is best known as the real life lead singer of the fictional cartoon band the Archies; he was also the voice of the Cuff Links and co-produced Barry Manilow’s first nine albums. Wikipedia

Who created The Archies?

The initial Archie characters were created in 1941 by publisher John L. Goldwater and artist Bob Montana, in collaboration with writer Vic Bloom. They first appeared in Pep Comics #22 (cover-dated Dec. 1941).

Who did Archie end up with?


After 67 years, the longest love triangle in comics history appears to come to an end: Archie proposes — not to Betty, the blond girl next door, but to Veronica, the dark-haired beauty and Riverdale’s rich girl. Courtesy of TM & 2009 Archie Comic Publications, Inc.

Is Riverdale based on Archie’s Weird Mysteries?

Riverdale, the delectable new CW series based on Archie comics, has been described by its creator as “Archie meets Twin Peaks.” You can wedge “meets” between any nouns you want and get something that scans grammatically, but the bubblegum Americana of the Archie cartoons goes with the surrealist Americana of Twin Peaks …

How many Archies are there?

In 2020, a new version of the band was introduced in the television series Riverdale, with Kevin Keller replacing Reggie Mantle. However, the band continues to appear with the five original members in the comic books published by Archie Comics.

What is the meaning of Archies?

Definition of -archy
: rule : government squirearchy.

What is The Archies story?

The Archies is a fictional American band that features in media produced by, and related to, Archie Comics. They are best remembered for their appearance in the animated TV series The Archie Show.

Does Archie marry Betty?

But it all ends happily when he returns to Riverdale, marries a local doctor, and joins the Archie Marries Betty continuity. Kupperberg has added new characters, including a new group of high school kids, named after his own son and his friends.

Does Archie and Betty have a baby?

Although fans have long-awaited the day that Betty and Archie have a baby, sadly, the day hasn’t actually arrived. Although Betty was indeed pregnant, the curse of La Llorona in Episode 2 of Season 6 leads to Betty not being pregnant anymore.

Why was Riverdale changed to Rivervale?

At the end of season five, Hiram Lodge had a bomb planted under Archie’s bed as his final act of revenge against his longtime comic-book enemy — and that bomb pushed the characters of Riverdale into the world of “Rivervale,” a parallel universe where the supernatural is just sort of a thing.

Is there season 7 of Riverdale?

Riverdale is coming back for one last rodeo. Beginning its life in 2017, season 7 will be the final season of the Archie Comics adaptation and will be coming to Netflix around the globe in 2023.

How do you pronounce Archies?

How To Say Archie – YouTube

What is the meaning of Archies in Urdu?

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Do Betty and Jughead have a baby?

RIVERDALE Season 4 Will Jughead And Betty have A Baby? – YouTube

Who is Betty pregnant by?

At the end of Episode 601, at the ceremony, Betty says to Archie, I’m pregnant with your child.

Who is Tbk in Riverdale?

The Trash Bag Killer was a recurring character on The CW’s Riverdale. He was portrayed by Doug Chapman. Also known as TBK, he is a migrating serial killer who Betty encountered while working as a trainee for the FBI.

Is Rivervale a dream?

Interestingly, Rivervale might not be an alternate dimension, nor a dream of some kind, according to showrunner Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa. In an interview (via TVLine), Aguirre-Sacasa confirmed that Rivervale’s existence in Riverdale season 6 lives within the show’s canon.

Is Betty pregnant in Riverdale?

Betty (Lili Reinhart) realises her period is late and she decides to take a pregnancy test. Her boyfriend Archie (KJ Apa) is there to offer some kind and supportive words that have reduced fans to tears.

Is Betty Cooper pregnant with Archie’s baby?

Betty is pregnant with Archie’s child, and in 25 years, he’ll be crowned the Maple King, just like his dad.

Who is Betty pregnant with?

Does Betty have Archie’s baby?

Does Betty tell anyone about TBK?

Riverdale avoids having the serial killer rip off his mask, choosing instead to have viewers recall when TBK’s natural face had been shown back when Betty and Archie were still figuring out their superpowers. The ending finally has Betty tell Archie what she has felt for a while.

Who does Jughead end up with?

In this series, Jughead has taken over Pop’s from Pop Tate and has renamed it Jughead’s, which later spanned a franchise in each respective universe. He ended up abandoning the franchise to operate the original shoppe in Riverdale. In this series, he ends up marrying Midge Klump in one universe, and Ethel in the other.

Why is Riverdale become Rivervale?

Why did the name change to Rivervale?

The first 95 issues are called Riverdale and are set in a town called Riverdale until an explosion, and suddenly it becomes Rivervale, leading Jughead to believe that the explosion is the origin of it all.