Who killed Argel Tal?

Who killed Argel Tal?

First Chaplain Erebus
Argel Tal was ultimately betrayed by the Word Bearers’ First Chaplain Erebus, who viciously stabbed the Crimson Lord in the back with his Athame dagger.

What happened to the gal Vorbak?

The members of the Gal Vorbak later suffered from hearing voices for years after their ordeal in the Warp until they began to metamorphose into daemons not long before the Battle of Istvaan V.

How did roboute Guilliman return?

Roboute Guilliman returns to the Imperium after several millennia in stasis, resurrected by arcane Imperial artifice and fell xenos sorcery (which we’re pretty sure some in the Imperium are very much not ok with).

Who won the Horus Heresy?

Lorgar won the Heresy because he had a greater lasting influence on the Imperium and galaxy than any other individual. He was the first corrupted Primarch, and without him there would have been no Davin. He’s easily responsible for the fall of Horus, and the spread of Chaos worship through the lodges initially.

Who were the word bearers?

The Word Bearers are one of the nine First Founding Space Marine Legions that betrayed the Emperor of Mankind during the Horus Heresy. They became Chaos Space Marines, their allegiance pledged to their Daemon Primarch Lorgar and to Chaos Undivided.

What happened on Cyrene?

As the Horus Heresy began to take shape and the Word Bearers began to earnestly worship the Ruinous Powers, Cyrene was killed by a party of Legio Custodes, who had been left to accompany the Word Bearers Legion, and to observe and report to the Emperor should they once again start deviating from the Imperial Truth.

What legion are the word bearers?

the XVIIth Legion
After the Legion was reunited with its lost Primarch, he renamed the XVIIth Legion the Word Bearers, which was in line with his belief that the Emperor of Mankind was the divine saviour of humanity.

Why was Cyrene destroyed?

In 96 BC Cyrene came under Roman rule and prospered for 200 years but then steadily declined. In 365 AD, Cyrene was destroyed by a massive earthquake. After the Arab conquest in 642 AD the city no longer existed. There are three main areas of the site of Cyrene that have been excavated.

Is moriana a Cyrene?

CV=M. Or: Moriana, the Oracle of the Despoiler, is actually Cyrene Valantion, the Blessed Lady of the Word Bearers.

How did Argel Tal become a word bearer?

Tal was inducted into the Word Bearers Legion of Space Marines by its First Chaplain Erebus, who at first had chosen him to become one of that Astartes Legion’s Chaplains before he rejected that honour. Instead, Argel Tal eventually became the Captain of the 7 th Assault Company of the Serrated Sun Chapter of the Word Bearers.

Why did the Primarch call for Argel Tal?

The Primarch called for Argel Tal, the leader of the Gal Vorbak, and one other Word Bearer officer who would eventually become commanders and apostles amongst the elite Vakrah Jal. The Primarch wanted their counsel on what to do with those amongst their Legion he no longer trusted.

Who is Argel Tal?

Argel Tal was one of the Word Bearers Legionaries who went on a pilgrimage into the Eye of Terror. Like anyone who goes abroad on holiday, he refused to shut up about how much the trip had changed him when he got home.

What did Lorgar see in Argel Tal’s vision?

One of these visions included the Battle of Terra, the final battle of the Horus Heresy. Lorgar saw in this vision Argel Tal transformed in the midst of battle into a gargantuan daemon-possessed Astartes. In his daemonic form Tal appeared quite powerful and significantly larger and taller than his Primarch.