Who is Ryan in Got to Believe?

Who is Ryan in Got to Believe?

Joaquin “Wacky” Manansala / Ryan is a fictional character and deuteragonist of Got to Believe. He is the only child of Julianna San Juan and Jaime Manansala, that also made him the only grandson of Ronaldo San Juan, who owned the one of the best company in the Philippines (The San Juan Group of Companies).

What is the story of Got to Believe in magic?

Got To Believe is romantic comedy television series from Philippines. The plot is about the story of Chichay Tampipi (Kathryn Bernardo) who always believe in magic and Joaquin Manansala (Daniel Padilla) who never believed there is such thing as magic. There are plenty adventures and situations they will face together.

How many episode does Got to Believe in magic have?

107 episodes
It officially ended on January 21, 2014 and contained 107 episodes which include a shortened telecast on September 27 due to technical difficulties.

What is the theme of the story got to believe?

A love story in which childhood friends turn into lovers. They separate in long time by a scary accident and forget each other. They meet again in wrong time, but in the end love never fails to meet again and to live together happily. This show contains the love story which childhood friends turn into lovers ..

How do I watch to believe?

Watch Believe Streaming Online | Peacock.

What is the ending of Got to Believe in Magic?

A happy ending is also seen for their respective parents, who finally reconcile after Juliana’s (Carmina Villaroel) confession that she was behind the stray bullet that hit Joaquin as a young boy.

Why did NBC cancel Believe?

The ratings kept falling lower each week. This week’s installment of Believe drew just a 1.0 demo rating with 4.33 million viewers. Those numbers were just too low to justify ordering a second season. On the positive side, it appears that NBC plans to order all of the remaining four episodes.

How many season of Believe are there?

1Believe / Number of seasons