Who is Enlil in Christianity?

Who is Enlil in Christianity?

Enlil, Mesopotamian god of the atmosphere and a member of the triad of gods completed by Anu (Sumerian: An) and Ea (Enki). Enlil meant Lord Wind: both the hurricane and the gentle winds of spring were thought of as the breath issuing from his mouth and eventually as his word or command.

Is Enlil in the Bible?

Enlil’s primary center of worship was the Ekur temple in the city of Nippur, which was believed to have been built by Enlil himself and was regarded as the “mooring-rope” of heaven and earth. He is also sometimes referred to in Sumerian texts as Nunamnir.

Hebrew equivalent El
Canaanite equivalent El or Dagan

How did Enlil create humans?

This account begins after heaven was separated from earth, and features of the earth such as the Tigris, Euphrates, and canals established. At that time, the god Enlil addressed the gods asking what should next be accomplished. The answer was to create humans by killing Alla-gods and creating humans from their blood.

What is the power of Enlil?

Enlil’s role in the mythology of Mesopotamia is based on his power and authority, and as such he can create and destroy. Enlil is described as the “decreer of fates” (A praise poem of Šulgi (2094-2047 BCE), ETCSL 2.4.

Is Zeus a Enlil?

Enlil is Zeus’s Babylonian counterpart as punitive storm god. Poseidon (Neptune), lord of the sea, wields the trident. When angered he can cause earthquakes and turbulent waters; and when propitiated properly he can prevent or calm the same. He is associated with horses and bulls.

Who created humans Enki or Enlil?

It was Enki who came up with the idea of the creation of man, a servant of the gods, made of clay and blood. He was helped in this by Ninhursag, the mother goddess. It was also Enki who gave mankind the ability to speak one language to communicate with each other.

Why did Enlil send the flood?

Enlil ordered a flood to destroy humankind. Ea had been sworn to secrecy, but he cleverly betrayed the gods’ plans to Utnapishtim. Speaking to the walls of his house, he described the plans, while Utnapishtim heard everything on the other side of the walls. Ea warned him that the gods would be sending a terrible flood.

Who is Enki in the Bible?

Enki (Sumerian: 𒀭𒂗𒆠EN-KI) is the Sumerian god of water, knowledge (gestú), crafts (gašam), and creation (nudimmud), and one of the Anunnaki. He was later known as Ea or Ae in Akkadian (Assyrian-Babylonian) religion, and is identified by some scholars with Ia in Canaanite religion.

Who killed Enki?

In The Descent of Inanna he contrives for his daughter’s (or niece’s) rescue from the underworld after she is killed by her sister Ereshkigal by sending two clever demons to trick the Queen of the Dead into giving them Inanna’s corpse.

Who is the father of Enlil and Enki?


Anu is one of the father gods of Mesopotamia and completes a triad of gods including Enlil and Enki.