Who is best Magnus player in Dota 2?

Who is best Magnus player in Dota 2?

MagnusPlayer Rankings

Rank Player Time Played
1st xsilearn 14 hours ago 16d 8h 3m
2nd GG.BOOM 11 days ago 3d 5h 40m
3rd BOOM.Yopaj- 4 days ago 3d 13h 52m
4th TSM FTX.Timado 29 days ago 9d 2h 26m

Who is the new hero in Dota 2 2021?

Marci – a character from Dota 2’s animated spinoff, Dota: Dragon Blood – will be “joining the fight” soon. Revealed at The International 2021, Marci – who will be a familiar face to those enjoying the show – will prove “some loyalties transcend barriers and take her place amongst the most stalwart heroes in Dota 2”.

Is Magnus an op?

magnum opus A Latin phrase meaning great work, used to mean the greatest individual work that someone creates, especially in the arts.

What animal is Magnus Dota 2?

The master-smiths of Mt. Joerlak agree on only a single point: that the horn of a magnoceros is more precious than any alloy. And of all such horns, the largest and sharpest belongs to the beast they call Magnus. For half a generation, Magnus took easy sport goring hunters come to claim the treasures of his kin.

How do you counter Magnus mid?

The main counter to Magnus is not just through picks but also through playstyle. Reduce the vision his team has, break his Blink Dagger and spread out so that he only manages to use Reverse Polarity on one hero.

What does Magnus mean?

Magnus, meaning “Great” in Latin, was used as cognomen of Gnaeus Pompeius Magnus in the first century BC. The best-known use of the name during the Roman Empire is for the fourth-century Western Roman Emperor Magnus Maximus.

How do you counter Magnus skewers?


  1. Eul’s Scepter of Divinity can cancel Skewer and prevent Reverse Polarity.
  2. Orchid Malevolence’s instant silence can prevent Reverse Polarity.
  3. Force Staff can cancel Skewer mid way.
  4. Radiance can put Magnus’s Blink Dagger on cooldown.
  5. Rod of Atos prevents Magnus from using both Blink Dagger and Skewer.