Who becomes Deathwing?

Who becomes Deathwing?

Neltharion’s appearance changed from a normal dragon into a big fiery demon dragon, and he was reborn as Deathwing the Destroyer.

Is Deathwing male or female?

Becoming one of the greatest terrors of the known world, his name too became one whispered with a feeling of fear and contempt among both mortals and dragons.


Deathwing / Neltharion (Daval Prestor)
Gender Male
Race(s) Black dragon / Wyrm (Dragonkin)
Reaction Alliance Horde

How was Deathwing defeated?

After making his final stand against the heroes and fellow Dragon Aspects who stood in his way, the final blow to the Destroyer was delivered by Thrall with the power of the Dragon Soul. As Deathwing’s distorted body submerges into the Maelstrom, his reign of destruction was finally brought to an end.

Where did Deathwing emerge from?

* Deathwing ruptured out through a tower in the middle of Deepholm and entered Azeroth through the Maelstrom, according to Alex Afrasiabi. It looks like Blizzard changed their mind since BlizzCon.

Who killed Deathwing?

The Dragon Soul

After this battle, the four other aspects hid themselves, along with their dragonflights. The Dragon Soul (now known as the Demon Soul) was killing Deathwing, so he had the goblins forge him some adamantite armor to keep him from being torn apart.

Who defeats Deathwing?

Thrall uses the Dragon Soul to nuke Deathwing down, and we climb into his back and destroy the armor that holds him together. Finally, he crashes into the Maelstrom and we defeat him once and for all…

Why did Deathwing go insane?

Deathwing was originally corrupted/driven insane by the old gods, so an argument could be made that his actions while under their influence was not wholly his own. Charge of the aspects implies that Deathwing at some point willingly sided with N’zoth because N’zoth promised to remove the powers Khaz’goroth gave him.

Is Deathwing a villain?

Type of Villain
Deathwing the Destroyer, originally Neltharion the Earth-Warder, is the main antagonist of World of Warcraft: Cataclysm. He is one of the five Dragon Aspects and was the leader of the Black Dragonflight.

Who defeated Deathwing?

He also posed as Lord Daval Prestor and became King of Alterac, in sort of a secondary plot to destroy the Alliance from within. But in the end, Rhonin destroyed the Demon Soul and Deathwing was sent running from the four other dragon aspects, now returned to their full power.