Where should I cut my afterthought heel?

Where should I cut my afterthought heel?

Forethought or Afterthought heel

One is where you finish your sock tube, and CUT into your sock to make the heel. This is called the Afterthought heel, also referred to as the ‘True Afterthought Heel’. There is also a less scary version, where you knit a piece of scrap yarn into your sock at the placement of the heel.

When should you start afterthought heels?

The basic idea with the afterthought heel is that the heel isn’t worked until after the main part of the sock is complete. The heel is called peasant or forethought heel if you decide the heel placement while you are knitting the body of the sock and use waste yarn as a placeholder in a planned location.

How do you knit toe after socks with afterthought heels?

Color yeah increases or decreases on both sides. And afterthought is the cool thing about it let’s do a run down of how this is going to work.

How do you knit a peasant heel?

You are going to follow the instructions for the foot you’ve put your waste yarn. In where your heel is going to go. And now you’re just going to keep knitting.

How do you measure your feet for afterthought heels?

Simples! With toe-up socks it is more of a leap of faith. Standard instructions tell you to start the heel between 2-2.5” before the back of the heel ie total foot length minus 2 to 2.5”. If you get to the leg and find that the heel is in the wrong place, then a bit of judicious ripping is required.

How much yarn do I need for afterthought heels?

When knitting toe-up, measure the weight of the ball before and after you finish the toe. The difference, multiplied by 2, is how much yarn is needed for the heels. If you’re working from the cuff, this trick isn’t as helpful since knitting the toe is one of the last steps.

How do you knit a Turkish heel?

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What is a peasant heel?

Peasant heel
It is also called a grandmother’s heel and a waste-yarn heel. To make this heel, knit to where the heel will begin, knit X amount of stitches (X being the number of intended heel stitches) on waste yarn, put those X stitches back on the left needle, and reknit them with the sock yarn.

How do you knit a forethought heel?

How To Knit With Waste Yarn – Forethought (or Afterthought) Heel …

What is fish lips kiss heel?

The Fish Lips Kiss Heel (or FLK Heel) is type of short row heel invented by Sox Therapist. Short row heels are great for most foot types. They knit up quicker than a heel flap and gusset and look great in a contrast color!

How do you do a German short row heel?


  1. # Part 1 of the heel.
  2. Row 2: Make one double stitch (mds) and purl across.
  3. Row 3: Mds, then knit across to the double stitch and turn around.
  4. Row 4: Mds, then purl across to the double stitch and turn around.
  5. Repeat rows 3+4 until you used up all stitches before and after the stitch marker.

How do you do a forethought heel?

How do you knit a Dutch heel?

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What is a forethought heel?

A Forethought heel is a type of Afterthought heel. I know, those two words sound like they mean the opposite, so stay with me for a bit. An Afterthought heel is where you knit the bulk of your sock first. Toe to cuff or cuff to toe, and then you make a cut where you want to place your heel and add it in.

How do you knit a shadow wrap heel?

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What is a sweet tomato heel?

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What is a fleegle heel?

Fleegle’s heel is a combination of the. short-row heel and the traditional heel flap. Pro: Fleegle’s heel is more subtle in look than the heel flap and provides a heel without holes. Con: Following the directions is not for the beginner knitter, we recommend knitting a more traditional sock before trying Fleegle’s heel …

How do you knit a heel flap?

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How do you knit a short row German heel?

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What is shadow wrap knitting?

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What is a Dutch heel?

There are many different sock heels and their variations, but the Square or Dutch heel is my personal favorite. It is basically what it sounds like: a square heel with a rectangular cap. It has a very nice fit and is really easy to work – there is literally no counting to be done after the setup!

How do you knit a heel easy?

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How do you knit reinforced heels?

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How do you knit a provisional cast on?

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What is the easiest sock heel to knit?

Traditional heel flap/heel flap and gusset
This is probably the first heel that most knitters learn when they learn to knit socks. It can also be made very durable by using slip stitch patterning on the flap (the part that goes over the heel). It can also be personalized very easily.