Where are the military bases on DayZ?

Where are the military bases on DayZ?

The first one is up by berezino. Now you can see berezino here you’ve got the section down the the mill section down by the coast there and then you’ve got the main town of berezino.

Where is the secret military base in DayZ?

The base is located in the middle of the map near the road connecting Kabanio and Vybor. The easiest route looking at the south coast is from Cherno. This might be handy to you all since majority of the spawns are still on the south coast.

How do you loot a military base in DayZ?

Directly across from it at the port both the ship and the buildings. Across the skywalk are labeled as tier 3 loot zones therefore should have additional chances for guns ammo and other goodies.

How many towns are there in DayZ?

Number of villages: 39.

Where is the best military loot in DayZ?

Barracks. Military barracks are often found at the Northwest Airfield, as well as the military base to the southwest of it. There are more, but those are the two most notable places to locate them. You can often find a gun under the sink in the bathroom, but there is usually lots of clothing and ammunition as well.

Is there bullet drop in DayZ?

Yeah there is bullet drop. To compensate you need to zero your scope with page up/down to the distance you belive the target is.

What is the tallest building in DayZ?

Standing tall at 402m in elevation, it is the 4th highest peak in South Zagoria. The primary point of interest at Green Mountain is the Radio Tower inside the military base which is by far the tallest building in Chernarus, easily visible quite far away.

Where can I find good loot in DayZ?

The Best Loot Locations and Buildings in DayZ

  • The Best Loot Locations and Buildings in DayZ.
  • Piano House.
  • School.
  • Garages.
  • Police Station.
  • Military Tents.
  • Food Houses.
  • Fire Stations.

How many military bases are there in DayZ?

Locations. There are currently two large Military Camps in Chernarus: Military Camp near Tisy. Military Camp near Myshkino.

What is the biggest city in DayZ?

Population: 77,397. The real Chernogorsk has a very similar entrance sign to DayZ’s. Unlike DayZ’s Chernogorsk, which is a coastal town, the real Chernogorsk is a landlocked town.

Whats the biggest map in DayZ?

Fallujah. Fallujah is the largest city-based map, created using sattelite imagery and road maps to recreate the real city with as much realism as possible. Almost as large as its real-life counterpart, Fallujah is a huge city featuring over 3,000 buildings in which over half are enterable and most offering roof access.

What is the best gun in DayZ?

5 best weapons for PvP in DayZ 1.15

Rank Name Damage per second
1 Vaiga 1860
2 Le-Mas (Famas) 1612
3 M4A1 1440
4 LAR 1220

Where can I find a M4 in DayZ?

The M4A1 only spawns in static Contaminated Zones in DayZ.

  • Rify – Chernarus.
  • Pavlovo Military Base – Chernarus.
  • Radunin – Livonia.
  • Lukow Airfield – Livonia.

Whats the strongest gun in DayZ?

The Magnum is the staple big round handgun in DayZ. This weapon provides massive damage but lacks in ammo capacity compared to other handguns. The Magnum takes . 357 ammo and has a 6-round capacity; anything at the opposite end of this barrel won’t get the chance to take a second shot if it’s aimed correctly.

Whats the best gun in DayZ?

What does a Flag Pole do in DayZ?

In fact, a flagpole in DayZ is not purely for a decorative purpose. Much more, it ensures that your items stay where they belong. Once you have set up the flagpole and hoisted the flag, items that are within 60 meters will not despawn! So they stay in place until someone removes them.

How do I find a hospital in DayZ?


  1. Chapaevsk: one hospital located approximately in the middle of the area.
  2. Chernogorsk: two hospitals are found here; one near the apartment complex in the northwestern part of the city, and one farther down southeast.
  3. Berezino: one hospital located in the westernmost part of the city.

Which DayZ map is best?

The standard map for DayZ, no mods or downloads are needed to play. Cherarus+ is a large map perfect for many players on your DayZ server. Includes many settlements and seven major cities to explore and uncover hidden loot.

Where is the most loot in DayZ?

5 Locations For Top Tier Loot in DayZ 2022 – YouTube

What is the best loot in DayZ?

The Best Loot Locations and Buildings in DayZ

  • Piano House. The Piano House typically has three doors, and gets its name from the piano you’ll find on the first floor.
  • School. Schools have big front doors that you might expect a school to have, but also a door on either side of the first floor.
  • Garages.
  • Barracks.

What city in DayZ has a Ferris wheel?

The Ferris Wheel is a fairground attraction found in Amusement Parks across Chernarus.

Ferris Wheel
Locations Amusement Parks
Tags Village, Town

Is DayZ map bigger than GTA?

To put it in perspective, here are some map sizes for comparison: DayZ – 225 square kilometers. Watch Dogs: Legion – 24 square kilometers. GTA V – 81 square kilometers.

How long does it take to run the whole DayZ map?

It takes about an hour and half to run full speed across the map. Tell you the truth, compared to Altis for ARMA 3, it’s very, very small.

What is best sniper in DayZ?

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What is the strongest gun in DayZ?