What was the biggest snowstorm in Colorado?

What was the biggest snowstorm in Colorado?

On Dec. 1, 1913, Denver’s biggest snowstorm on record first started up. In all, the legendary storm would dump a whopping 45.7 inches of total snowfall over five days, or nearly four feet. The storm remains Denver’s biggest snowstorm on record to this day, and it’s not particularly close, either.

When was the big snow storm in Colorado?

December 1, 1913
DENVER — It was called Denver’s big snow. On December 1, 1913 snow began falling and didn’t let up for five days.

A look back at Denver’s biggest snowstorms.

1. 45.7 inches Dec 1-5, 1913
7. 21.9 inches Oct 24-25, 1997
8. 21.5 inches Nov 26-27, 1983
9. 20.7 inches Dec 20-21, 2006
10. 19.3 inches Jan 29-31, 1883

What was the blizzard of 2016 called?


The storm was given various unofficial names, including Winter Storm Jonas, Blizzard of 2016, and Snowzilla.

Was there a blizzard in 2014?

The January 20–22, 2014 North American blizzard was a fast-moving but disruptive blizzard that moved through the Northeast, mainly the Mid-Atlantic states, dumping up to 1 foot (30 cm) in areas around the New York City area.

What is the biggest blizzard in Denver Colorado?

According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), the biggest snowstorm in Denver occurred between December 1-5 of 1913 when the city was buried in 45 inches of snow — that is more snowfall than in all of 2013 ( 38.4 inches).

What year was the blizzard in Denver?

March 13-14, 2021
This is the second largest March storm in Denver history (behind the 2003 blizzard).

How many inches of snow did we get in the Blizzard of 1978?

Great Blizzard of 1978

Category 5 “Extreme” (RSI/NOAA: 39.07)
Surface map on the morning of January 26, 1978.
Dissipated January 29, 1978
Lowest pressure 955.5 mb (28.22 inHg)
Maximum snowfall or ice accretion 52 in (130 cm) Muskegon, Michigan

What year was Snowmageddon in Maryland?

The February 5–6, 2010 North American blizzard, commonly referred to as Snowmageddon, was a blizzard that had major and widespread impact in the Northeastern United States.

What year did Buffalo get 7 feet of snow?

November 17 – The Great Buffalo Blizzard of 2014. The epic November lake effect event will be remembered as one of the most significant winter events in Buffalo’s snowy history.

What is the most snow Buffalo ever had?

175.6 inches – The greatest cumulative snow fall for Buffalo, New York. This occurred during the year that ended December 31st, 1977.

How much snow did Denver get in the Blizzard of 1982?

The Christmas Eve blizzard on 1982. People dream of a White Christmas, but this particular White Christmas involved nearly two feet of snow! It shut down the old Stapleton International Airport for 33 hours, leaving thousands of travelers stranded.

What is the highest temperature ever recorded in Colorado?

Colorado Climate Center

State Record Value Location
Maximum Temperature 115°F John Martin Dam
Minimum Temperature -61°F Maybell
24-Hour Precipitation 11.85 inches Fort Carson
24-Hour Snowfall 75.8 inches Silver Lake

How many inches of snow fell in the blizzard of 1977?

Up to 46-69 mph of daily wind gust was recorded in Buffalo with some areas recording a snowfall as high as 100 inches. A total of 23 storm-related deaths were recorded in western New York and five in northern New York.

What is the most snow ever recorded in one storm?

Surpassing any of the possible contenders for the U.S. 24-hour snowfall record – including Mile 47 Camp in Alaska – is the 84 inches measured in one 24-hour period at the Crestview maintenance station of the California Highway Department on Jan. 14-15, 1952. The storm total was 149 inches over the week of Jan.

What year was Snowmageddon in Idaho?

That period of intense snowfall is now famously known as Snowmageddon. Upload your photos and videos from Snowmaggedon using ‘Near Me’ in the KTVB app. The winter of 2016-2017 saw a total of 39.1 inches of snow in Boise, including 21 inches in January 2017 alone.

When was Snowmageddon in Alabama?

“The Gulf Coast and Atlantic Coast States were impacted by a rather significant winter storm during the period of January 28-30, 2014. Central Alabama had it’s encounter with the system on Tuesday, January 28th, when freezing rain and snow fell across much of the area.

What year did Buffalo get 6 feet of snow?

The October 2006 Buffalo storm was an unusual early-season lake effect snow storm that hit the Buffalo, New York area and other surrounding areas of the United States and Canada, from the afternoon of Thursday, October 12 through the morning of Friday, October 13, 2006.

What is the most snow Denver has ever gotten?

45.7 inches
December 1-5, 1913
The biggest snowfall in Denver’s recorded history measured 45.7 inches, and even though the storm hit over a century ago, the stories live on.

What was the biggest blizzard in history?

The Mount Shasta California Snowstorm of 1959 – The storm dumped 189 inches (480 cm) of snow on Mount Shasta. The bulk of the snow fell on unpopulated mountainous areas, barely disrupting the residents of the Mount Shasta area. The amount of snow recorded is the largest snowfall from a single storm in North America.

What is the coldest it’s ever been in Colorado?

minus 61 degrees
The coldest temperature on record in Colorado is minus 61 degrees, which was recorded on Feb. 1, 1985 in Maybell. Antero Reservoir recorded minus 50 degrees in Dec. 2020.

What was the coldest year in Colorado?

These records go back to 1921, with a few years missing data. The lowest temperature recorded during that period was -25 degrees Fahrenheit (-32 Celsius) on December 22, 1990, and on several days in previous years. Since 1948 the temperature extremes were measured at Denver’s Stapleton neighborhood.

How many inches of snow fell in the blizzard of 1978?

While snowfall was difficult to measure due to the strong winds, official storm-total snowfall amounts from January 25-27 ranged from 4.7 inches in Columbus to 6.9 inches in Cincinnati to 12.9 inches in Dayton.

What caused the Blizzard of 1978?

The storm was formed from an extratropical cyclone off the coast of South Carolina on February 5. An Arctic cold front and a cold air mass then merged with the storm, creating the perfect ingredients for a large and intense low-pressure system.

What is the snow capital of the world?

Aomori City
The snowiest city in the world, with an average of 26 feet — or eight meters — of snowfall every year, is Aomori City in Aomori Prefecture, Japan.

What’s the worst blizzard in US history?