What was NSC-68 summary?

What was NSC-68 summary?

NSC-68 concluded that the only plausible way to deter the Soviet Union was for President Harry Truman to support a massive build-up of both conventional and nuclear arms.

Why was the NSC-68 important to the Cold War?

May, NSC 68 “provided the blueprint for the militarization of the Cold War from 1950 to the collapse of the Soviet Union at the beginning of the 1990s.” NSC 68 and its subsequent amplifications advocated a large expansion in the military budget of the United States, the development of a hydrogen bomb, and increased …

What was the central point of NSC-68 quizlet?

NSC-68 called for immediate increase in defense spending from $13 billions to $50 billions a year, to be paid for with large tax increase. Most of the funds would go to rebuild conventional forces, but the NSC urged that the hydrogen bomb be developed to offset (compenser) the Soviet nuclear capacity.

What was NSC-68 and how was it representative of the expansion of the American military?

In 1950, the National Security Council produced a 58-page, top-secret report proclaiming the threat of Soviet communism. In the new postwar world, the report argued, the United States could no longer retreat toward isolationism without encouraging the aggressive expansion of communism across the globe.

Which idea best describes what NSC-68 called for?

Which statement best describes what NSC-68 called for? A permanent military buildup and a global application of containment.

Which of the following is true of NSC-68?

Which of the following is true of NSC-68? It called for a much larger U.S. military budget as a response to the expansionistic communist regimes.

Why was the NSC-68 created?

NSC-68 recommended that the United States embark on rapid military expansion of conventional forces and the nuclear arsenal, including the development of the new hydrogen bomb.

Which statement best describes what NSC-68 called for?

What is important about the National Security Council’s 1950 document NSC-68 quizlet?

NSC-68 called for the abandonment of the Containment Policy. With the aggressive leadership of General MacArthur, the United States ultimately won a military victory over the communists in South Korea. The National Security Act, among its many provisions, created the Central Intelligence Agency.

Why does NSC-68 view the Soviet Union as different from other great powers?

The NSC 68 viewed the Soviet Union as different from other great powers due to the fact that it is motivated by a specific ideology, with an aim to spread it around the world.

What did the NSC-68 propose?

Which country was the implementation of NSC-68 tested?

After the outbreak of fighting on the Korean peninsula, NSC-68 was accepted throughout the government as the foundation of American foreign policy. When North Korea invaded South Korea in June 1950, the United States sponsored a “police action”—a war in all but name—under the auspices of the United Nations.