What time can you get into Keeneland?

What time can you get into Keeneland?

Gates open at 11 a.m. Advanced ticket purchase is strongly recommended. Day-of walk-up ticket sales will be available only at the ticket office windows when tickets remain. Post time for the first race each day is 1:00 p.m. Races are run approximately every half hour.

What do you wear to Keeneland general admission?

Dress Code: Business Casual. Gentlemen: Dress slacks, dress shirt with collar. Dress shoes & dress socks. Ladies: Clothing of comparable formality to gentlemen, including but not limited to skirts, dresses, tailored pantsuit or dress slacks.

Do you have to dress up for Keeneland?

There is no strict dress code for general admission to Keeneland, but most Lexingtonians see the Spring Meet as the time to break out their best, brightest seasonal attire.

Can I wear jeans to Keeneland?

Not Permitted
Denim – regardless of color, slacks that are designed to resemble jeans, shorts (including rompers), clothing or shoes that resemble athletic attire, abbreviated or revealing attire.

Can you leave a car overnight at Keeneland?

6 answers. You can leave a vehicle overnight, but not an RV for instance that you would stay in and sleep.

What do men wear to Keeneland in October?

If you’re going to stay near the Paddock –General Admission, Grandstand, or Equestrian Room– there’s no need to dress up very much. Guys often opt for khakis and polo shirts, and women can wear slacks. You’re actually dressing for a horse race in these sections.

What should I wear to Keeneland in October?

If you’re asking what to wear to Keeneland in the fall – think dresses, boots, tights, and all manner of cozy scarves. It’s October in Kentucky – so temperatures hover in the forties and fifties. It also tends to be a little damp this time of year, so make sure you’re properly bundled up! NO JEANS.

What do you wear to Keeneland in the fall?

What do ladies wear to Keeneland?

Ladies: Dress suits, dresses, skirts, dress slacks! Think business casual. This is a great time to pull out a new spring dress or your favorite dressy top. Men: Suits/sport coats, dress pants, dress shirt and a TIE & SOCKS.

Can men wear shorts to Keeneland?

How much is valet at Keeneland?

around $20
Valet is around $20. Never worry about parking. The hill is the best.

Can you walk around Keeneland?

The property included a 1 1/16-mile track and a nearly completed stone building adaptable for a Clubhouse and other uses. Thank you for visiting Keeneland. We hope you come back soon to enjoy a day at the races. START HERE: The Keeneland walking tour begins at the Clubhouse adjacent to the Grandstand South entrance.

Can you leave your car at Keeneland?

Parking onsite at Keeneland will be limited and only available to those with official PRE-PAID parking credentials. Any cars that arrive onsite without an official parking credential will be turned away at the gate and directed to an off-site parking location.

Can you Uber to Keeneland?

Keeneland Security will provide additional transportation for any guests in need of additional assistance. Uber, Lyft and Taxi Uber, taxis and Lyft pick up and drop off at the top of the Drive Thru Betting lane (row 30).

Do you have to wear a mask at Keeneland?

All individuals must wear a face mask and maintain proper social distancing while on the grounds. Temperature checks, will continue at the admission gates for everyone entering the Keeneland grandstand.