What songs are played in The Sound of Music?

What songs are played in The Sound of Music?

Original release

  • Prelude and “The Sound of Music” – Orchestra and Maria.
  • Overture and Preludium (Dixit Dominus) – Orchestra and Nuns Chorus.
  • “Morning Hymn” and “Alleluia” – Nuns Chorus.
  • “Maria” – Nuns Chorus.
  • “I Have Confidence” – Maria.
  • “Sixteen Going on Seventeen” – Rolfe and Liesl.
  • “My Favorite Things” – Maria.

How many songs are in The Sound of Music?

The Sound of Music, released on 28 Mar 1965, consists of a playlist of 59 credited songs, from various artists including Irwin Kostal, Julie Andrews, Richard Rodgers, Anna Lee, Portia Nelson, Marni Nixon and Evadne Baker. The original score is composed by Richard Rodgers.

What film is the hills are alive with The Sound of Music?

The opening line, “the hills are alive with the sound of music” appears in the 1968 Beatles movie Yellow Submarine and the TV show Friends in Season 1 Episode 22 (1995). The song is referenced many times in the film Moulin Rouge! (2001).

Who sang the hills are alive?

Julie AndrewsThe Hills Are Alive / ArtistDame Julie Andrews DBE is an English actress, singer, and author. She has garnered numerous accolades throughout her career spanning over seven decades, including an Academy Award, a British Academy Film Award, two Primetime Emmy Awards, three Grammy Awards and six Golden Globe Awards. Wikipedia

Who sings what songs in The Sound of Music?

Living Strings
The Parris Mitchell Strings And Orchestra
The Sound of Music/Artists

What songs does Mother Abbess sing in Sound of Music?

Musical numbers

  • “Preludium” – Mother Abbess with Nuns.
  • “The Sound of Music” – Maria.
  • “Maria” – Sister Berthe, Sister Sophia, Sister Margaretta, and the Mother Abbess.
  • “My Favorite Things” – Maria and the Mother Abbess.
  • “My Favorite Things” (reprise 1) – Maria.
  • “Do-Re-Mi” – Maria and the children.

Was the real Maria von Trapp a nun?

Marriage and Musical Beginnings Maria von Trapp was only meant to stay for less than a year and then return to the convent to become a nun. But she became attached to the children and decided to leave the Church after the Baron proposed (he was 25 years her senior).