What should I do before KvK RoK?

What should I do before KvK RoK?

Top 10 Things To Do Prepare KvK 1

  1. Focus On 1 Commander At A Time! What I highly recommend is focusing on one commander at a time!
  2. Start Farming Gems. Why is gathering gems so important?
  3. Make the Most of the Expedition.
  4. Farm Account.
  5. Save Resource Items!
  6. Make Sure You Have Enough Shields!
  7. Save Teleports.
  8. Spend Action Points!

How long does KvK RoK take?

approximately 60 days

KvK has a duration of approximately 60 days in the first season and 50 days in the second season. Players need to complete the stage “Eve of the Crusade” first, which lasts 1 week, before being able to move to the Lost Kingdom map.

How long is KvK 2 after KvK?

When do KvK seasons start? KvK Season 1 starts around the 85-105 days of the kingdom, season 2 starts around 50 days after the end of season 1, and season 3 in another 2 months or so after season 2 ends.

What does KvK mean in RoK?

Kingdom versus Kingdom
The Lost Kingdom, also called Kingdom versus Kingdom (KvK), is divided into multiple smaller phases. These smaller phases can be categorized into two major phases: pre-KvK and KvK. Pre-KvK defines the phase before players are actually inside the Lost Kingdom map.

How many times can you skip KvK in RoK?

Season of Conquest (KvK 4 and up)
A Kingdom can be skipped 3 times before a compulsory KvK matching is done.

How many alliances can join KvK?

A coalition’s upper limit of alliance members will be expanded, increasing gradually from 5 to 20, during the event.

How many times can you skip KvK in ROK?

Can you use Wu Zetian in KvK 2?

In particular, in KvK season 2, you could get Wu Zetian Sculptures, Legendary Material, and even more great rewards.

How many times can you skip Kvk in RoK?

How many alliances can join KVK?

How does KVK 3 matchmaking work?

Matchmaking System In KVK
All players want fair matchmaking so that they can enjoy and fight with kingdoms of similar power. Lilith calculates the power of the top 1000 players in each kingdom to create fair matchmaking, and then kingdoms with similar power are matched up against each other in KVK.

How do you get honor points in Kvk?

Honor points in KvK

  1. Gathering. Finish gathering at a resource point: 3 honor points.
  2. Barbarians. Defeat Level 26-30 Barbarians: 5 honor points.
  3. Forts. Defeat a level 6 Barbarian Fort: 15 honor points.
  4. Ancient Ruins. 15 Individual honor / Minute.
  5. Altar of Darkness. 50 Individual honor / Minute.

Is Wu Zetian a good commander?

Brightest Sky
We have a lot of buffs for the counterattacks here. The 10% chance seems to be small but if you get swarmed, it will be huge. Together, all of the skills make Wu Zetian the best garrison commander in the game so far!

Is City keeper good RoK?

City Keeper Talent Tree Build and Pairs. City Keeper is by far worst and best commander in Rise Of kingdoms. When you bring City Keeper next to whale tier 5 city you will destroy him without attacking. You just need to show up near his city.

Can you use Wu Zetian in KVK 2?

How many days is kvk3?

Light and Darkness KvK “Matchmaking Timeline” System
The full process is about 15 days long, afterward Eve of the Crusade is 9 days and lastly, the KvK itself is about 42 days long. After the teaming up phase begins, Kingdoms can team up with each other. Each team can hold a maximum of 4 Kingdoms.

What is the fastest way to get honor points in ROK?

How To Earn HONOR POINTS in Rise of Kingdoms Lost Kingdom

Who is the best garrison commander in rise of kingdoms?

Constantine is one of the most defensive commanders in Rise of Kingdoms. His garrison leading is almost perfectly, thanks to his absolute defense and great healing factor.

Who is the best legendary gatherer ROK?

Joan. Joan is one of the best gathering commanders in the Rise of Kingdoms game and designed to get to the level 10 and 2 star before upgrading skills and max out second skill. Users of this gathering commander max out the first skill to be able to properly use as an outstanding secondary commander.

Who is the best attacking commander Rise of Kingdoms?

Scipio Africanus, Pelagius, Lancelot, and Tomoe are all viable options when attacking other players. If you’re looking to conquer a city, then the best pair is: Scipio + Osman I/Joan of Arc/Julius Caesar.

How many times can you skip Kvk in ROK?

What are Soluna coins in ROK?

The grace of Soluna is a place where you will donate Soluna coins to upgrade your kingdom technology. Not only that you help your kingdom by upgrading, but also with every donation to kingdom technology, you will get the same amount of honor points. Better kingdom technology you have, easier KVK will be.

How do you grow fast in rise of kingdoms?

Commander Power is the only way of increasing your power in Rise of Kingdoms without having to spend resources. You just have to unlock, level up, upgrade the star level, unlocking skills and unlock talents of your commanders. Unlocking commanders can be done through keys and chests.

Who is the strongest commander in Rise of Kingdoms?

Cao Cao

  • Cavalry Commander, his talents and skills make him “the fastest commander in the game“, perfect for chasing enemies or quickly fleeing from battle.
  • His active skill is powerful, causing a lot of damage to any type of unit that you face.
  • He has a troop healing factor.

Is yss good in ROK?

Legendary Garrison Commander, Yi Sun-sin (YSS) is great for defending any garrison, one of the best in Rise of Kingdoms.