What restaurant does Yao Ming own?

What restaurant does Yao Ming own?

The Yeeha restaurant, covering 1,500 square meters, is the second Yao restaurant following the first one opened in Houston, US and it’s decorated with basketballs, sports T-shirts and photos with Yao Ming’s autograph.

Who owns Yao Restaurant in Houston?

The owners are Yao’s parents, father Yao Zhiyuan and mother Fang Fengdi, who own a home near Katy. But the son’s mark is evident. The chairs in the VIP room fit his 7-foot-6-inch frame. The doorways are about 10 feet tall, so he or other NBA players won’t need to duck.

Does Yao Ming own the restaurant in Houston?

The Chinese and sushi restaurant is named for the former Houston Rockets star who retired from basketball last year. GAIN ACCESS TO EVERY LOCAL INSIGHT, LEAD AND MORE! A business partner of Yao Ming told KHOU that Yao Ming loaned his name to the business but did not own any shares.

What is Yao Ming doing these days?

Since retirement, Yao has been elected to the Hall of Fame, been named Chairman of the Chinese Basketball Association, and even has opened his own winery in Napa Valley, California. But we haven’t heard a lot from the big fellow, as he’s mostly kept to himself from a media standpoint.

When did Yao restaurant close?

It is with a heavy heart that I inform you we have closed permanently. Houston has been our home since May of 2005 and we would not have been able to do that without your continued support over the last almost… More.

Does China like Yao Ming?

Call it the Big Bang of NBA fandom in China. Yao Ming, however, always has a special place in Chinese fans’ hearts.

Why did Yao retire?

He sustained multiple injuries in the NBA. On July 20, 2011, Yao held a press conference in Shanghai to announce his retirement from professional basketball. Injuries to his foot and ankle, as well as a third fracture to his left foot that he had nursed since 2010 left him much less agile than he once was.

Did Yao Ming have to pay China?

SHANGHAI, China — China’s sensational 7-foot-5 center, Yao Ming, will have a big partner in his NBA career — the Chinese government. Under regulations issued by the China Basketball Association, Yao would be forced to turn over half his income to his government and sports authorities.

Does Yao Ming have a ring?

Yao Ming didn’t win any championships in his career.