What qualifies as a NAFTA professional?

What qualifies as a NAFTA professional?

The position in the United States requires a NAFTA professional; You have a prearranged full-time or part-time job with a U.S. employer (but not self-employment – see documentation required below); and. You have the qualifications to practice in the profession in question.

What is one of those professions covered under NAFTA?

NAFTA Professional List

Recreational Therapist Baccalaureate or Licenciatura Degree.
Registered Nurse State/provincial license or Licenciatura degree.
Veterinarian D.V.M., D.M.V., or Doctor en Veterinaria; or state/provincial license.
Agriculturist Baccalaureate or Licenciatura Degree.

Does the TN visa still exist?

The TN visa can be availed only by Canadian and Mexican nationals. The Agreement lists out around 60 professions, that can avail of this visa. The position must be of the nature that it requires a TN professional. The TN applicant must work in a prearranged full-time or part-time job for an employer.

What is required from an employer for a TN visa?

To qualify for TN visa status, you must have an offer of employment from a U.S. company to work in a profession that is listed on the NAFTA occupations list. Your employer in the United States must require someone in your professional capacity for the position.

What is Appendix 1603 d1?

Appendix 1603.D.1 (Annotated)

government, as the case may be, or under its authority, but not by a local government, that permits a person to engage in a regulated activity or profession.

How do I get a NAFTA work permit?

There are three requirements for a NAFTA work permit:

  1. First, the employee must be a citizen of the United States or Mexico.
  2. Second, the employee must have a job offer in one of the sixty NAFTA occupations.
  3. Third, the employee must have the qualifications for the occupation specified in the NAFTA agreement.

Can you go from TN visa to green card?

Can TN Visa Holders in the U.S. Transition to a Green Card? One of the most common questions that TN visa workers have is whether they can move from such a visa to a green card or not. The answer for that is: yes, you can most certainly do so.

What is TN visa called now?

TN (Trade NAFTA) status is a nonimmigrant employment visa which allows Canadian and Mexican citizens who work in specific professional occupations to work in the United States.

How hard is it to get TN visa?

When compared to the process of obtaining other work visas, such as an H-1B Visa or an L-1 Visa, it is rather easy to get a TN Visa. In fact, in many cases you can obtain a TN Visa the same day at a qualifying port of entry.

How much does it cost for an employer to sponsor TN visa?

Sponsorship requires the college/department to pay $460 in application fees. USCIS processing varies from 3-5 months.

Can TN visa be converted to green card?

TN Visa to Green Card through consular processing
Alternatively, TN visa holders can simply leave the U.S. and file an application for a green card from their respective home countries. This is known as consular processing. The USCIS will process the petition and issue you a priority date.

Does TN visa require sponsorship?

Unlike the H-1B visa, the TN visa doesn’t require sponsorship or petition by an employer. Additionally, there is no cap on TN visas, so there’s no attendant concern related to racing the clock to obtain a visa before the cap is reached.

How long does NAFTA work permit last?

three years
Work permits issued to NAFTA professionals may be issued for a maximum duration of three years. Professionals are eligible to apply for extensions of up to three years, with no limit on the number of extensions.

Can I have two jobs with a TN visa?

Yes, individuals may obtain TN visa status to work for more than one employer at the same time. As the initially issued TN status is employer specific, a second TN application would have to be filed for this new employer.

Is TN visa better than H1B?

Differences Between TN Visa and H1B Visa
H1B visas are much more difficult to obtain but allow for dual intent, while TN visas do not. Also, eligibility for a TN visa is restricted to a list of approved occupations, whereas the H1B only requires that the occupation involves Bachelor degree-level skills or knowledge.

How often are TN visas rejected?

In 2018, the TN approval rate was 88.2% and RFE was issued in 28.2% of cases. In 2019, the TN approval rate was 89.8% and RFE was issued in 24.5% cases. In 2020, the TN approval rate was 90.5% and RFE was issued in 23.1% cases.

Can I apply for TN visa without job offer?

You must have a job offer from a U.S. employer before applying for TN status. You cannot apply on your own without such an offer of employment. The TN visa was originally created under the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) between Canada, U.S. and Mexico.

Is there a minimum salary for TN visa?

There is no minimum salary or income requirement under the NAFTA TN Visa, but the Immigration Officer does question low salaries. If a TN Applicant will work part-time or at a low wage, the Immigration Officer will wonder how you will support yourself – especially since you can only hold valid NAFTA occupations.

Can I leave the US while on TN visa?

Reply: There is no specific time period governing how long a TN visa worker and his/her dependents may remain outside the U.S. and then seek re-admission – provided a return is made within the validity period of the TN/TD visa status (as evidenced on the I-94).

Can TN visa get green card?

What happens if you get fired on a TN visa?

Upon termination of employment (whether voluntary or involuntary), the TN professional may remain in the U.S. for up to 60 days, or until the end of his authorized period of stay, whichever is shorter). There is no requirement for the employer to pay transportation costs.

Can I convert TN visa to green card?

Can you convert TN visa to H-1B?

How to Change from a TN Visa to an H1B Visa. The process of changing from TN visa status to H1B status is essentially the same as applying for an H1B. As a TN visa holder you have not been approved for an H1B in the past, so you have to apply formally for an H1B and enter the H1B lottery.

Is a TN visa hard to get?

Can TN visa lead to green card?