What literary devices does the Glass Castle use?

What literary devices does the Glass Castle use?

A skilled storyteller and writer, Walls draws her audience into the text with a frank narrative voice and language infused with metaphor, simile, personification and hyperbole.

How is the Glass Castle a metaphor?

The castle represents all of Rex’s hopes, dreams, and promises which he had spent years planning and discussing, and how a better life for the family could have easily happened. Just like the castle, his plans never come to fruition and not only he, but his family, suffer for it.

What is an example of irony in the Glass Castle?

Jeannette yells that they have to get out, but Brian keeps trying to put the fire out. Ironically, Dad happens to be walking home from work at the time and gets them both out.

What does Jeannette want for her 10th birthday?

Jeannette’s father asks her what she wants for her tenth birthday and Jeannette, though a bit nervous about it, speaks from her heart: she wants Dad to stop drinking. Dad, having promised her whatever she wants, agrees and ties himself to his bed for a week of withdrawal.

What are three themes of the Glass Castle?

The Glass Castle has several themes, including family, poverty, perseverance, the importance of education, and nonconformance. Throughout the memoir, the author explores how poverty impacted her and her siblings, and how their perseverance moved them from a hopeless situation into a thriving adulthood.

Why is it called the Glass Castle?

The book’s title refers to her father’s ultimate unfulfilled promise, to build his dream home for the family, a glass castle. The Glass Castle has received broad readership and positive critical feedback for Walls’ balanced perspective on the positives and negatives of her childhood.

What does the rat symbolize in the Glass Castle?

The garbage in the hole beside their house, the rat that lays down in Maureen’s bed, and the frozen paint all represent the realities of Jeannette’s life that she just can’t seem to overcome.

What is Rex’s phrase for skipping town?

Cooking hot dogs. What was Rex’s phrase for leaving town? Doing the skedaddle.

What does fire symbolize in the glass castle?

The fire symbolizes Jeannette’s fscination with control and chaos. She’s interested in how she can control fire, but is afraid of it when she realizes how dangerous it truly is. Jeannette’s earliest memory is of fire. This priority is what led three-year-old Jeannette to cook hot dogs by herself if she was hungry.

Why did Jeanette love Phoenix?

Name 3 reasons why Jeannette loved living in Phoenix. Jeannette loves their house, the fact that both of her parents are happy, they have food, the kids are gifted in school, Lori has glasses, the neighborhood is beautiful, and her dad was able to afford bikes for them.

When did Jeannette ask Rex stop drinking?

By Jeannette Walls

Jeanette turns 10, and when Dad asks her what she wants for her birthday she says, “stop drinking” (2.26. 9).

What does fire symbolize in The Glass Castle?

What is one of the major themes in The Glass Castle?

Strength from Hardship. Throughout the memoir, Mom and Dad claim that their hands-off parenting style will contribute to the ultimate betterment of their children because danger and hardship build character and resilience.

Is Rose Mary’s wall bipolar?

It tells the story of her outrageous upbringing by Rex, her alcoholic father who was probably bipolar, and Rose Mary, her mother, a self-described “excitement addict” who is a hoarder and also probably bipolar. The book has sold 4.2 million copies and been translated into 31 languages.

What did Erma do to Brian?

Jeannette catches her sexually abusing Brian, leading the kids to question whether Dad suffered the same. Erma is cold and bitter, but Mom asks the kids to have more empathy towards her, since she had a difficult childhood being shuttled around between various relatives.

What does Tinkerbell symbolize in the Glass Castle?

Tinkerbell symbolizes Jeannette herself. Jeannette develops a fascination with fire, but deep down she still possess a fear of it that is shown through Tinkerbell’s fearful eyes. Tinkerbell is deformed now, unable to be patched together, just as Jeannette will always have scars from her burns on the inside and out.

Why do they name their piggy bank Oz?

By naming the piggy bank Oz, the girls are able to express their fear that New York City will always be an unattainable dream — as is nearly confirmed by their Dad’s raiding of “Oz.” However, through a bit of luck, Lori manages to obtain her dream and escape to the “Emerald City.” This allusion, however, also …

What does Tinkerbell symbolize in The Glass Castle?

What does the Joshua tree symbolize?

Joshua tree forests tell a story of survival, resilience, and beauty borne through perseverance. They are the silhouette that reminds those of us who live here that we are home. Like the Lorax we speak for the trees, but often the trees speak to us.

What does Tinkerbell symbolize in the glass castle?

Why don t the Walls go back to Phoenix?

The Walls family leaves their house in Phoenix as if someone was still living there. In order to trick burglars into thinking that someone was living there they left dishes in the sink, clothes on the line, etc. Why does Rex force his children to beg him to come with them to West Virginia?

How does Rex ruin Christmas for the Walls?

His stubborn behavior results in a horrible Christmas for the Walls family: not only do they get kicked out of church, but he sets their Christmas tree and the presents beneath it ablaze.

What does the rat symbolize in the glass castle?

What are 3 major themes in The Glass Castle?

What Mental Illness Did Rex Walls have?

bipolar disorder
Walls’ father, Rex, was a charming, intelligent alcoholic who was also likely suffering from an undiagnosed bipolar disorder; her mother Mary Rose is a self-described “excitement addict” who often neglected her children to focus on her painting.