What is white-collar crime theory?

What is white-collar crime theory?

It was put forth by Travis Hirschi and Michael Gottfredson in 1990. This theory says that crimes are due to a lack of self-control from poor parenting as a child. So, Danny and Richard were not parented in a way that helps them manage their self-control, leading to a life of white collar crime.

Is white-collar crime increasing or decreasing?

White-Collar Crime Trends and Projections

According to our research: White-collar crime prosecutions are down 53.5% compared to 10 years ago (2011). In 2021 there were 4,727 white-collar crime prosecutions, a 53.5% drop from the 10,162 prosecuted in 2011.

Who committed white-collar crime?

Who commits white-collar crimes? Most are white men with at least some higher education, from middle-class backgrounds. They are in their late 30s to 40s, employed, usually married, with religious and community affiliations. Most have engaged in less serious criminal activity in the past.

Was the Enron scandal a white-collar crime?

The Enron et al. cases (i.e., the series of ”corporate scandal” cases emerging in 2001–2002, beginning with Enron, and including such cases as WorldCom, Global Crossing, Adelphia, and Tyco) are the first major American white collar crime cases of the new century.

What is the biggest white-collar crime in history?


  • Enron. The collapse of energy company in December 2001 precipitated what would become the most complex white-collar crime investigation in the FBI’s history.
  • Harvey’s Casino Bomb.
  • Hurricane Katrina Fraud.
  • Operation Senior Sentinel.
  • Operation Stolen Dreams.

What is green collar crime?

Basically, Green Collar Crime are those crimes which are committed against the Environment and wildlife. Green Collar crimes are designated under the organized criminal activities in the world and comes under the fourth largest areas of crime in the list of structured crimes around the world.

What is the fastest growing white-collar crime?

Cybercrime is used in the commission of the white collar crimes of fraud, money laundering, counterfeiting of currency and identity theft. Identity theft is now believed to be the fastest growing white collar crime in the U.S.

Why is white-collar crime growing?

White Collar Crime Statistics
White collar crime is steadily on the rise, thanks to our technologically advancing society, which relies on the increased use of cellular phones and computers to access personal and financial information.

Why is it called white-collar crime?

White-collar crimes get their name from the fact that they are usually committed by white-collar workers taking advantage of their position within a company or government agency to extract some financial gain.

What was the first white-collar crime?

The prosecution of white collar crime has its beginnings in the 1473 English Carrier’s case, where a man kept the wool he was supposed to deliver. These days, white collar crimes can be very difficult to prosecute and continue to be a significant problem in American society.

Who was responsible for Enron scandal?

Jurors determined former Merrill executives Daniel Bayly, James A. Brown, Robert S. Furst and William Fuhs and former Enron executive Dan Boyle conspired to pass off a loan from Merrill as a sale of three power barges moored off the coast of Nigeria in late 1999.

What caused the Enron scandal?

The scandal began with Enron’s misdeeds in the video rental chains. The business collaborated with a blockbuster to penetrate the VOD market. After entering the market, the business overstated the earnings basis for the growth of the VOD market.

Who is the most famous white collar criminal?

Bernie Madoff – Ponzi Scheme
Bernie Madoff is famous for committing one of the most famous white-collar crimes this century. It’s certainly one of the largest in terms of monetary value. Bernie ran a Ponzi scheme from around 1991 until he was finally arrested in December 2008 after a lengthy investigation.

What is black collar crime?

Black collar crime includes everything from an attempt to rob your home to a gruesome murder. Black collar crime is pursued vigorously and punishment meted out and some of the crimes (in some nations) are punishable with death. When it comes to white collar crimes, society is very indulgent.

What is GREY collar crime?

Gray-Collar Worker – refers to the balance of employed people not classified as white or blue-collar. Although grey-collar is something used to describe those who work beyond the age of retirement. Example: Firefighters, police officers, health care professionals, Security Guards, etc.

What is a black collar crime?

Black-collar crime is crime committed by a religious or judicial figure in traditional garb. Black-collar crimes refer to priests who commit crimes. Black-collar crimes are therefore covered by the Church. Child molestation by a priest is black collar crime.

What is the most committed white-collar crime?

The latest available data from the United States Justice Department shows that the most frequent criminal charge for white-collar crimes in 2020 was fraud by wire, radio, or television. This is defined by federal law as the use of wire, radio, or television communications to fraudulently obtain money or property.

Who are the biggest white-collar criminals?


  • Dennis Kozlowski.
  • Nick Leeson.
  • Jack Abramoff.
  • Allen Stanford.
  • Charles Ponzi.
  • Kenneth Lay.
  • Bernie Ebbers.
  • Bernie Madoff.

What is the fastest growing crime in the country?

With the recent increase in adults working from home and students attending online classes, internet use has skyrocketed in the past year.

What is the biggest white collar crime in history?

What is red collar?

Red collar workers are perhaps the easiest collar group to define: they’re government workers of all types. The “red collar” moniker actually derives from previous government labor compensation methods. Government workers used to receive their pay from what was known as the red ink budget—and the nickname stuck.

What is the most famous white-collar crime?

What is red collar crime?

Red collar crime is a subgroup of white collar crime in which the perpetrator uses violence to avoid detection or prosecution.

Who went to jail Enron?

Jeffrey Keith Skilling (born November 25, 1953) is a convicted American felon best known as the CEO of Enron Corporation during the Enron scandal. In 2006, he was convicted of federal felony charges relating to Enron’s collapse and eventually sentenced to 24 years in prison.

How did Enron get caught?

The clearly illegal smoking guns led to straightforward convictions – Fastow’s misrepresentations about LJM; asset sales that were booked as revenue but in reality had a guarantee to be rebought, which meant it was a loan. This was a simple explanation of how Enron got caught.