What is unilocular and multilocular ovary?

What is unilocular and multilocular ovary?

1) Unilocular ovary: Unilocular ovaries refers to those ovaries which consists of a single locule. 2) Multilocular ovary: Multilocular ovaries refers to those ovaries which consists of large number of locules.

What are locules in plants?

a small compartment or chamber, as the pollen-containing cavity within an anther.

What is ovarian cavity or locule?

A locule or loculus is a small cavity or compartment within an organ or part of an organism. In angiosperms, the term locule usually refers to a chamber within an ovary of the flower and fruits.

What is multilocular cyst ovary?

The multilocular cystic spaces are usually filled with hemorrhage or serous fluid. They are mostly confined to the ovary at the time of diagnosis[6]. They are complex masses with high T2-signal intensity from the cystic component and intermediate to low signal intensity from the solid component.

What is unilocular in biology?

Unilocular (uni- meaning one) means the ovary has only one chamber. Bilocular (bi- meaning two) means the ovary has two chambers. Multilocular (multi- meaning more than two) means the ovary has more than two chambers. Biology. Suggest Corrections.

What is a Anatropous ovule?

An anatropous ovule is one in which curvature during development results in displacement of the micropyle to a position adjacent to the funiculus base; this is the most common ovule type of the angiosperms and is presumed to be ancestral.

Where is the locule located?

Locules are the cavity part of the fruit that is surrounded by the pericarp. The seeds are located inside the locular cavities and enclosed in gelatinous membranes.

What is unilocular cyst?

A unilocular tumor was defined as a fluid-filled cyst without internal septa, papillary projections, or solid components (Figure 1). Figure 1: Sonogram of unilocular cystic ovarian tumor. No evidence exists of wall abnormality or solid component.

Whats a unilocular cyst?

Simple cysts are unilocular and have a uniformly thin wall surrounding a single cavity that contains no internal echoes. These cysts are likely to be functional. In contrast, complex cysts are multilocular and may have a thickened wall; these cysts may be benign or neoplastic.

What is the meaning of unilocular cyst?

A cyst having a single sac. unicameral cyst.

What is a Multiloculated cyst?

1. a cyst containing several loculi or spaces. 2. a hydatid cyst with many small irregular cavities that may contain scoleces but generally little fluid.

In which type of placentation ovary is not unilocular?

In superficial placentation ovary is multilocular and ovules are borne on inner surface or partition walls as in water lily. In parietal placentation the ovary is unilocular and the ovules are borne on periphery as in Brassica, Argemone etc.

What is unilocular cyst in ovary?

What is false septum?

Septum is a thin membrane or partition that separates two chambers from each other. False septum is present inside the carpel of flower bordering the micropyles of ovules.

Why is Anatropous ovule called inverted ovule?

Note: Due to the unilateral development of the funiculus, the body of the ovule fully turned at 180 ° angle in this type of ovules, that is why it is also regarded as the inverted ovule. It is known to be a “typical angiosperm ovule.” That is sometimes referred to as the resupinate ovule.