What is the synonym of dryness?

What is the synonym of dryness?

Synonyms of ‘dryness’ in British English

The drought has affected two million people. dehydration. aridness. dehumidification. waterlessness.

What is the synonym of low spirit?

synonyms for low in spirits
chapfallen. dejected. depressed. discouraged. down in the dumps.

What is dreariness?

1 : feeling, displaying, or reflecting listlessness or discouragement cheer a dreary mind— George Berkeley. 2 : having nothing likely to provide cheer, comfort, or interest : gloomy, dismal a cold, dreary morning.

What are synonyms for spirit?

synonyms for spirit

  • character.
  • courage.
  • energy.
  • enthusiasm.
  • essence.
  • heart.
  • humor.
  • life.

What does it mean to call someone dry?

What is a dry personality? When someone says about someone else that they have a “dry personality,” they most likely mean that that person doesn’t show many emotions. The “dry personality” person might be generally subdued and doesn’t stand out much.

What does it mean to be dry?

dull; uninteresting: a dry subject. expressed in a straight-faced, matter-of-fact way: dry humor. indifferent; cold; unemotional: a dry answer.

What does lack of spirit mean?

without vigor or zest or energy. dispirited, listless. marked by low spirits; showing no enthusiasm. heartless. devoid of courage or enthusiasm.

What term describes a person who is in low spirits?

synonyms for in low spirits
depressed. dismal. dour. forlorn. glum.

What does Becast mean?

(transitive, obsolete) To cover or surround by casting (something) about. (intransitive, obsolete) To cast about; plan; plot; contrive.

What do you mean by verbose?

Definition of verbose
1 : containing more words than necessary : wordy a verbose reply also : impaired by wordiness a verbose style.

What is the synonym for gray spirit?

slaty. (also slatey), steely.

What is the Old English word for spirit?

Displaced native Middle English gast (“spirit”) (from Old English gāst (“spirit, ghost”)), whence modern English ghost. Doublet of esprit, spiritus, and sprite.

What is a cut and dry personality?

prepared or settled in advance; not needing much thought or discussion. a cut-and-dried decision. lacking in originality or spontaneity; routine; boring. a lecture that was cut-and-dried.

What is a wet personality?

someone who has a weak character and does not express any forceful opinions: Come on Tom, don’t be such a wet!

What does it mean to stay dry?

To stay dry means to stay free of water or rain. We say ―”it stayed dry”, to comment on a rainy day if we got no rain. If you stay dry when it rains you haven’t got wet.

What happens when something is dry?

If something is dry, there is no water or moisture on it or in it.

What does it mean when someone is spineless?

1 : lacking spines spineless stems. 2 : having no backbone a spineless animal. 3 : lacking spirit, courage, or determination.

What does it mean when your spirits are low?

feeling unhappy
Definition of in low spirits
: feeling unhappy Everyone was in low spirits because of the rainy weather.

What is meaning of low spirited?

sad; depressed
(ˈloʊˌspɪrɪtɪd ) adjective. in low spirits; sad; depressed.

What does all star cast mean?

Definition of an all-star cast
: a cast that includes many famous actors The show features an all-star cast.

What is cast example?

1. Cast means to throw something with force, to pick someone for a part in a play or to submit a ballot to vote. An example of cast is to throw out a fishing line. An example of cast is to select who will play a character in the school production of “Into the Woods.”

What does the word ubiquitous?

Definition of ubiquitous
: existing or being everywhere at the same time : constantly encountered : widespread a ubiquitous fashion.

What means pedantic?

Pedantic is an insulting word used to describe someone who annoys others by correcting small errors, caring too much about minor details, or emphasizing their own expertise especially in some narrow or boring subject matter.

What is the Latin root word for ghost?

Ghost is the English representative of the usual West Germanic word for “supernatural being.” In Christian writing in Old English it is used to render Latin spiritus (see spirit (n.)), a sense preserved in Holy Ghost.

What is a grey person?

Graysexuality — sometimes spelled “greysexuality” and also known as gray asexuality, gray-a, gray-ace, or grey-ace — is a term to describe people who identify as asexual but don’t fit into the main types of asexuality.