What is the rarest International Scout?

What is the rarest International Scout?

Probably one the rarest models ever produced by IH was the 1980 RS: the Special Limited Edition RS Scout. This version was only available on the Traveler in Tahitian Red (metallic).

What is the difference between international scout 80 and 800?

The Scout 800 was an upgraded version of the original Scout 80 so it looked essentially the same in terms of body style but had various improvements including front bucket seats, good heating, revised instrumentation with an updated dashboard, and optional rear seats.

What is the value of an international scout?

An International Harvester Scout II is still expensive in today’s time. Classic.com rates its commercial market value at $29,611, but bids for it say otherwise. Most bids for a Scout II model range from between $20,000 to $80,000, depending on the model and its condition.

What engine was in the 79 Scout II?

The base engine in the ’79 Scout II was the International 196-cubic-inch L4, which made 86 horsepower.

Why do international scouts rust?

According to one frequently told but never verified legend cited by Jalopnik, the raw steel purchased by International wasn’t adequately sheltered from the elements before it was used to make Scouts, and thus, some Scouts came with rust from the factory.

Why did international stop making the Scout?

After 10 years of production, International brought out the Scout II in 1971. On an extended wheelbase, a pickup and Suburban-like variation were also produced. After a crippling strike (at the time the longest in UAW history) and facing a financial crisis it dropped the Scout.

What year did they stop making the International Scout?

All told, 532,674 IH Scouts were produced in the period of 1961-1980, and it remains one of the forebears of the modern SUV. Still its discontinuation hasn’t stopped from adherents of the adventure vehicle from continuing to love it.

How much is a International Scout 800 worth?

A: The average price of a International Harvester International Harverster 800, 800A, and 800B is $37,399.

How wide is a 1979 International Scout?

Length: 4222 mm / 166.2 in
Width: 1778 mm / 70 in
Height: 1669 mm / 65.7 in
Height with roof rails or antenna:
Wheelbase: 2540 mm / 100 in

When was the last international scout made?

Nestled into the corner of the swine building was the last International Scout ever built. On Oct. 21, 1980, the International production plant in Fort Wayne, Ind., bid farewell to the last Scout to come off of the production line.

Why do International scouts rust?

Did Ford Copy the International Scout?

Ford copies International Harvester… They did after the 1961 Scout 80 half-cab, then the Scout 800, then the Scout II.

Why did International stop making the Scout?

Where can I get Scout 800?

Location. One can be found for free in Black River just south of the Smithville Dam gateway. It is parked in front of a house in pristine condition.

When was the first international scout built?

Built as a rival to the two-door Jeep CJ 4x4s, which had emerged from the ghost of the Willys-Overlanders of the ’40s and early ’50s, the first International Harvester Scout, the Scout 80, debuted in late 1960.

What axles came on international scout?

When first introduced, Scout II 4x4s had a Dana 30 FA13 Front Axle and a Dana 30 front axle would remain available until 1977. A Drum Brake FA43 Dana 44 was first offered in 1973 followed by a Disc Brake FA44 Dana 44 front axle in 1974.

Is the Bronco and the Scout the same?

The Scout is a decent mix of on- and off-road capability, while the Bronco is the most up to date, with real power and a pleasant highway ride. No SUV from the 1990s or 2000s will draw a crowd the way these four continue to, and none can match their purity and charm.

How do you get a SnowRunner Scout?

Unlocking the H2 — Best Starter Scout — Snowrunner – YouTube

What is the best scout truck in SnowRunner?

SnowRunner: 6 Best Scouts, Ranked

  • 6 TUZ 420 Tatarin.
  • 5 YAR 87.
  • 4 International Loadstar 1700.
  • 3 Scout 800.
  • 2 Chevrolet CK1500.
  • 1 Hummer H2.

Is there going to be a new international scout?

The off-road-ready pickup and SUV will start production in 2026 in the US. The new Scouts look pretty sweet. It’s been 42 years since the last International Harvester Scout rolled off the line, having first debuted in 1961 as a pioneering SUV.

Is the Scout 800 better than the Chevrolet CK1500?

The Scout 800 has the advantage of having an always-on differential lock and switchable AWD making it perform in mud better than the CK1500. It also can be found for free early on making it a good Scout for new players.

What is the best scout vehicle in snow runner?

What is the biggest vehicle in SnowRunner?

The CAT 770G is the largest vehicle the franchise has ever seen. Living up to its role as a Heavy, it’s the sole vehicle capable of using the heavy rock trailer. Thanks to its wide wheel base, it won’t flip over anytime soon.

What is the fastest vehicle in SnowRunner?

The Ford F 750 is probably the fastest vehicle in SnowRunner, but that doesn’t mean it’s poor over rough terrain.

Where is the raised suspension for Scout 800?

SnowRunner • Scout 800 Raised Suspension Kit Location – YouTube