What is the prophecy in Playing Beatie Bow?

What is the prophecy in Playing Beatie Bow?

Tallisker family prophecy

Abigail finds herself cast as the mysterious “Stranger” — the subject of a Tallisker family prophecy — which she must enact before she is able to return to her own time.

How does Playing Beatie Bow end?

Abigail finally manages to return to her own time and discovers that her neighbours, Natalie and Vincent, are descendants of the Bow family. She also finds that Beatie will grow up to be a lady and well educated, and Judah will die at sea after marrying Dovey.

What does Abigail dream about in Playing Beatie Bow?

Beatie reminds Dovey of a time when she was sick, and had a dream of a yellow fever rag on the door—Abigail startles to remember she, too, had that very same dream. Beatie confesses that she had another dream—a dream of her own hands, without a ring on any finger, holding a heavy leather book.

What is the Gift in Playing Beatie Bow?

That Saturday, Robert and Abigail sit down with the Bible and examine the tree. Abigail realizes that it was not Judah or even Dovey who passed on the family line, and thus the Gift, but sickly Gibbie. Beatie became the headmistress of a great school in Sydney.

Who is the stranger in Playing Beatie Bow?

The girl, Beatie Bow (Mouche Phillips), takes Abigail into her family where they seem to be expecting her, calling her ‘the stranger’.

How old was Abigail in Beatie Bow?

In Ruth Park’s 1980 young adult classic, Playing Beatie Bow, a seemingly innocuous playground ritual thrusts fourteen-year-old Abigail Kirk into a terrifying battle to return to her family. After following a strange girl (Beatie Bow) from the park down an alleyway, Abigail is transported back in time to 1873.

Is Beatie Bow a real person?

It was just a playground game, scary, but fun. But what the children didn’t know was that Beatie Bow was a real person, a 19th-century Australian girl whose family had immigrated from the Orkney Islands, bringing with them their family Gift of preternatural powers.

What age is Playing Beatie Bow for?

12 years +
Suitable for 12 years +.