What is the meaning of Visheshan?

What is the meaning of Visheshan?

/visheshaṇa/ mn. adjective countable noun. In grammar, an adjective is a word such as ‘big’, ‘dead’, or ‘financial’ that describes a person or thing, or gives extra information about them.

What are the 6 types of Visheshan?

Again Quantative adjective is divided into two parts:

  • Definite quantative adjective (निश्चित परिमाणवाचक विशेषण):
  • Indefinite quantative adjective (अनिश्चित परिमाणवाचक विशेषण)
  • Numerals Adjective (संख्यावाचक विशेषण) – Sankhayavachak visheshan.
  • Demonstrative Adjectives (सर्वनामिक विशेषण ) – Sarvanamik Visheshan.

What are the four types of Visheshan?

In Hindi, adjectives are of 4 types.

  • गुणवाचक विशेषण (Gudvachak Visheshad – Qualitative Adjective)
  • परिमाणवाचक विशेषण (Parimaad Visheshad– Quantitative Adjective)
  • संज्ञावाचक विशेषण (Sangyavachak Visheshad– Numeral Adjective)
  • सार्वनामिक विशेषण (Sarvanaamik Visheshad – Demonstrative Adjective)

What is adjective and its uses?

An adjective is a word that describes the traits, qualities, or number of a noun. What are examples of adjectives? Descriptive words like “beautiful,” “smooth,” or “heavy” are all adjectives, as are numbers ( “twelve eggs”).

What is the synonym of visheshan in Hindi?

Visheshan Samanarthak, Visheshan synonyms in Hindi, Paryay of Visheshan, Visheshan ka Paryay, In “gkexams” you will find the word synonym of the Visheshan And along with the derivation of the word Visheshan is also given here for your enlightenment. Paryay and Samanarthak both reveal the same expressions.

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