What is the citadel package on a Dodge Durango?

What is the citadel package on a Dodge Durango?

Durango Citadel – Starting at $42,995 MSRP 6-passenger seating. Leather-trimmed bucket seats. 8-way power driver’s seat with memory and 6-way passenger’s seat. 1-year SiriusXM® Guardian Service.

What is the difference between the Dodge Durango RT and Citadel?

What is the difference? Close in price to the V-8 Citadel, the R/T is the more sport-oriented Durango model. It comes standard with the V-8 engine, and both rear-wheel and all-wheel drive are available as usual.

Is the Durango Citadel fast?

For Durango Citadel models with the HEMI, are capable of 0 to 60 mph in 6.2 seconds and cutting a full second off of its 1/4-mile with a 14.7 seconds pass. Both powertrains have a top speed electronically limited to 118 mph. 2021 Dodge Durango Citadel AWD.

Does a Durango Citadel have a Hemi engine?

Available with rear-wheel or all-wheel drive the Durango includes either a 293-hp or 295-hp 3.6-liter Pentastar V6 as standard and has an available 360-hp Hemi 5.7-liter V8 engine.

Is the Dodge Durango Citadel a Hemi?

Engine – The 2021 Dodge Durango Citadel comes standard with a 3.6L V6 engine. But for $3,295 CAD, you can option it with a 5.7L Hemi V8, as this demo vehicle has equipped. This Hemi V8 engine produces 360 hp and 390 lb-ft of torque (268 kW & 529 Nm).

What is a dodge Citadel?

The Chrysler Citadel was a concept car created by Chrysler. It was shown at the 2000 Washington DC Auto Show. The Citadel was a hybrid with good performance and the inspiration for the production-model Pacifica. The Citadel name was later used for a trim level on the 2011 Dodge Durango.

What engine is in the Citadel?

The Citadel is powered by a 189 kW (253-hp), 3.5-L, V6 gasoline engine in the rear wheels and an electric one in the front wheels. This combination of powers gives better performance in the rear. The gasoline engine gives out 253 horsepower (189 kW) and an extra 70 horsepower (52 kW) from the electric motor.

Does Dodge Durango Citadel have 4 wheel drive?

What is special about Citadel Durango?

The 2021 Dodge Durango Citadel is the all-in luxury trim of the Durango lineup, delivering many premium features as standard equipment. The Citadel offers two powertrain options, both of which include standard towing equipment: The award-winning 3.6-liter Pentastar V-6 engine, rated at up to 295 horsepower and 260 lb.

What years did Dodge make the Citadel?

A: The 2014-2016 Dodge Durango Citadel is a three-row midsize SUV that is capable of seating up to seven passengers. The 2017-2019 Dodge Durango Citadel, meanwhile, comes available both as a two-row, five-passenger model and a three-row, seven-passenger model.

Does the 2011 Dodge Durango Citadel have a backup camera?

Thick pillars — as common in today’s cars as thick waists are on today’s drivers — hinder visibility somewhat, but this top-spec Citadel model has a back-up camera, a blind-spot warning system, and rear cross-path detection to help cope.

Is Durango Citadel all-wheel drive?

The 5.7-liter V8 comes with the R/T trim, all others (minus the fire-breathing SRT, of course) get a 3.6-liter V6 as standard equipment. Four-wheel drive is optional across the board, again with the exception of the SRTs that get all-wheel drive standard.