What is the breaking news of Assam?

What is the breaking news of Assam?

Assam Police Launches Special Cell For Women In 10 Districts

  • 8 Jun 2022 5:18 AM. Assam: Son Of E- Rickshaw Driver Misses Rank By Small Margin In HSLC Exam; Seeks Financial Aid.
  • 8 Jun 2022 5:06 AM. Assam Govt Cabinet Expansion: Jayanta Malla Baruah, Nandita Garlosa Likely To Take Oath Tomorrow.
  • 8 Jun 2022 4:06 AM.

What is the main problem in Assam?

Flood Problem Assam with its vast network of rivers is prone to natural disasters like flood and erosion which has a negative impact on overall development of the state. The Brahmaputra and Barak River with more than 50 numbers of tributaries feeding them, causes the flood devastation in the monsoon period each year.

Where is Assam situation in India?

It is located in the northeastern part of the country and is bounded to the north by the kingdom of Bhutan and the state of Arunachal Pradesh, to the east by the states of Nagaland and Manipur, to the south by the states of Mizoram and Tripura, and to the west by Bangladesh and the states of Meghalaya and West Bengal.

Why was Assam divided?

The province was annulled in 1911 following a sustained mass protest campaign and on 1 April 1912 the two parts of Bengal were reunited and a new partition based on language followed, Oriya and Assamese areas were separated to form new administrative units: Bihar and Orissa Province was created to the west, and Assam …

How are people in Assam?

The total population of Assamese speakers in Assam is nearly 15.09 million which makes up 48.38% of the population of state according to the Language census of 2011….Assamese people.

Total population
c. 15.3 million
Regions with significant populations
India 15,311,351
Bangladesh 5,000

What is Assam called in Assamese?

Assamese (/ˌæsəˈmiːz/), also Asamiya ([ɔ̞ˈx̟omia] অসমীয়া), is an Indo-Aryan language spoken mainly in the northeast Indian state of Assam, where it is an official language….Assamese language.

The word Asamiya (“Assamese”) in Assamese script
Pronunciation [ɔ̞ˈx̟omia]
Region Assam, Arunachal Pradesh and Nagaland

Are Assamese Hindu?

Hinduism is the largest religion of Assam, practiced by 61.47% of the population of the state as per as 2011 census report. The Hindus form majority religion in 18 out of 29 districts of Assam state. Kamakhya Temple in Guwahati, Assam.

When did Assam flood start?

2020 Assam floods refers to the significant flood event of the Brahmaputra River in the Indian north-eastern state of Assam and coincided with the COVID-19 pandemic. Initial flooding started in May 2020 due to heavy rainfall affecting 30,000 and destroying crops across 5 districts.

Is big earthquake coming in Assam?

The 2021 Assam earthquake struck 11 km (7 miles) away from Dhekiajuli, Assam, India at 07:51 (IST) on April 28, 2021 with a richter scale magnitude of 6.4….2021 Assam earthquake.

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UTC time 2021-04-28 02:21:26
Local time 07:51 (IST)
Magnitude 6.0 Mw 6.4 ML
Depth 34.0 km (21.1 mi)

Why is Assam poor?

The lower level of poverty in upper compared to lower Assam is mainly due to higher urbanization. Also two big industries- Petroleum and Tea are concentrated in upper Assam. In upper Assam, poverty is also linked to the flooding of Brahmaputra, which in one sweep can push families into poverty overnight.

Why Muslims are increasing in Assam?

Thus, there have been concerns that illegal immigration from neighbouring East Pakistan in India has contributed to a sharp rise in the Muslim population of Assam and has slowly destabilized the native inhabitants of Assam.

Which caste is majority in Assam?

As per census 2011, Hindu are majority in Assam state. Hinduism constitutes 61.47% of Assam population….Assam Religion Census 2011.

Religion Percentage
Muslim 34.22%
Christian 3.74%
Sikh 0.07%
Buddhist 0.18%

Where can I find latest news in Assam?

Latest Assam News, Assam Live News, Assam Headlines – The Sentinel Find Latest News of Assam, NRC Update, TET Update, Assam Flood update, Politics & Education News, The Assam Tribune news updates only on The Sentinel.

Is ULFA-I still active in Assam?

Assam CM Himanta Biswa Sarma said that only two active insurgent groups now remain in the state, namely the United Liberation Front of Asom-Independent (ULFA-I) and Kamtapur Liberation Organisation (KLO). “If someone is caught with 3kg of heroin, are we supposed to felicitate them with a gamosa in the Congress office?”

What is the new curfew rule in Assam?

Assam Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma said, “With militancy on the wane the Army has virtually withdrawn from Assam, except from five-six districts and when AFSPA comes up for renewal after four According to the new guidelines the state will witness night curfew from 11:30 PM to 6 AM, starting from December 26.

What kind of jobs are there in competitive exams in Assam?

Competitive Exams Jobs IBPS Clerk IBPS PO IBPS RRB IBPS SO Northeast Jobs RBI Assistant RBI Grade B SBI Clerk SBI PO SSC CGL SSC CHSL SSC JE SSC MTS SSC Stenographer Jobs in Assam 12th Pass Job in Assam 4th Grade Job in Assam APSC Recruitment (Assam) Accountant Jobs in Assam Accountant Jobs in Guwahati Assam Agriculture Assam Career