What is my PlayOnline ID and password?

What is my PlayOnline ID and password?

PlayOnline ID is the ID provided to you when you registered the account. PlayOnline IDs are always a series of 4 capital letters followed by 4 numerals, e.g. ABCD1234. You will have your own unique PlayOnline ID once you register a copy of FINAL FANTASY XI to an existing SQUARE ENIX Account.

How do I link my PlayOnline to Square Enix?

Once you have a Square Enix account, please click “Transfer PlayOnline ID to Square Enix account” on the Square Enix Account Transfer Information page. If you are using a Square Enix security token and a mog satchel in FINAL FANTASY XI, you can transfer your PlayOnline ID here.

Is ff11 free to play now?

To play FINAL FANTASY XI, you will need to pay a basic service fee and fees for each character. Character fees are required for each character on the account (tp to a maximum of 16).

How do I change my PlayOnline password?

To change your PlayOnline password, select the Service & Support page, select “Membership,” then “PlayOnline ID.” To change your mail password, select the Service & Support page, select “Membership,” then “Mail Account.” Still need help? Click here to begin a web chat with a live representative.

How do I register my PlayOnline account?

Log in to your Square Enix account and select “Select Service” then choose FINAL FANTASY®XI. Click on the PlayOnline button and enter your Free Trial registration key. You will be provided with a PlayOnline password and ID. Please write them down carefully as they will be necessary to play FINAL FANTASY®XI.

How do I change my FFXI password?

Select Service -> FFXI -> Options List on the account you need to change the PW for, scroll to the bottom and click “update POL password”.

Where is my Square Enix ID?

If you have forgotten your SQUARE ENIX ID or password, access the SQUARE ENIX Account Management System and select the “Forgot your ID or password?” option below the “Log In” button. Follow the onscreen instructions to recover your SQUARE ENIX ID and/or password.

Where do I find my online registration code?

The registration code will be printed at the back of the paper manual included with the CD or DVD. Input the registration code when prompted on the Square Enix Account Management System page. Refer to the following page for details on registering your expansion pack.

How do I remove One-Time Password Square Enix?

Square Enix Account Management System

  1. Log into the Square Enix Account Management System.
  2. Select “One-Time Password” under “Services/Options”
  3. Click on “Adjust Security Token (key ring type) settings”
  4. Select “Security Token Removal” from the available options.

How do I find my Final Fantasy registration code?

Your registration code will be found on an insert within the disc case for both the Windows and PlayStation 4 physical versions. Please note that an 18-digit code may also be provided on an insert included in the packaging. This is a SQUARE ENIX MEMBERS site code and is not required to play the game.