What is Mljet known for?

What is Mljet known for?

Mljet is well known for its white and red wine, olives and goat’s cheese. It is indeed an unspoilt island covered by a dense Mediterranean forest. The sea around here is rich in fish and marine life.

How many people live on Mljet?

She, like so many others from her island, do not actually live on Mljet anymore. In fact, the island currently has a population of just over 1000 people.

Is Mljet island worth visiting?

The Mljet island is very nice place, there is very wild nature, beautiful sea and there arent many people, so its very quiet place.

Can you swim in Mljet Lakes?

7 answers. Yes you can, in fact it’s one of the highlights. There are several beaches near the ferry points and entry points around the island. The cut that joins the two lakes is said to be fun to swim when there is a tide moving between them, but we did not get that far.

How long should you stay in Mljet?

How Long Should You Visit. Mljet, with its two stunning lakes, considered as one among the Adriatic’s most beautiful islands, is an ideal island to visit for at least a day trip from Dubrovnik. It is just 1 hr 20 minutes by fast catamaran ferry from the town. I would say that the minimum visit is at least 1 whole day.

Can you swim in Mljet lakes?

Do you need a car in Mljet?

We definitely recommend exploring Mljet by car, anyway. Either arrive by car or rent one at the ferry port. Scheduled buses travel just once or twice a day.

How do you explore Mljet?

Things to Do in Mljet

  1. Visit the National Park.
  2. Kayak in Mljet.
  3. Explore the Island by Bike.
  4. Take a Boat to St.
  5. Visit Malo Jezero and Veliko Jezero.
  6. Float Under Mali Most.
  7. Catch a Famous Sunset.

Can you swim in Mljet?

Lakes of Mljet Island National Park

They provide amazing opportunities for swimming, hiking, or cycling. The temperature of the sea water in the lakes during the summer is higher than that of the surrounding sea.