What is Douglas Arizona known for?

What is Douglas Arizona known for?

Arizona’s Hometown

In the late 1800’s, the area’s open, grassy lands made Douglas the perfect area for roundups for many of the region’s largest cattle ranchers. And the entire valley is well known for its rich agriculture, which remains an important part of the local economy.

How close is Douglas Arizona to the Mexican border?

The total driving distance from Douglas, AZ to Ciudad Juarez, Mexico is 220 miles or 354 kilometers.

Is Douglas AZ a good place to live?

“Douglas, a small city in southern Arizona along the Mexican border is the only city in the state to rank among the worst places to live. A relatively poor city, half of all area households earn less than $31,000 a year, and nearly 32 percent of the city’s population lives below the poverty line.

What county is Douglas AZ?

Cochise CountyDouglas / County
Douglas is a city in Cochise County, Arizona, United States that lies in the north-west to south-east running Sulpher Springs Valley. Douglas has a border crossing with Mexico at Agua Prieta and a history of mining.

Does Douglas Arizona have an airport?

The Douglas Municipal Airport is a public airport located 2 miles (3 kilometers) east of the central business district of Douglas, a city in Cochise County, Arizona, United States. The airport is owned by the city of Douglas.

What was mined in Douglas Arizona?

Mineral commodities produced by the Chance Mine included lead, silver, gold, copper, zinc and calcium limestone. Further studies revealed 3,000 tons of vanadium found in the mine and the dumps. The Colford Copper Co.

What is the closest city to Douglas Arizona?

Cities 50 miles from Douglas, AZ

  • 39 miles: Apache, AZ.
  • 37 miles: Gleeson, AZ.
  • 32 miles: Naco, AZ.
  • 31 miles: Naco, Mexico.
  • 29 miles: Chiricahua, AZ.
  • 27 miles: Elfrida, AZ.
  • 27 miles: Bisbee, AZ.
  • 25 miles: South Bisbee, AZ.

How many border crossings are there in Arizona?

Since the early 2000’s, the number of pedestrians has increased relative to all border crossings. Among Arizona’s six border ports of entry, Nogales facilitates the largest number of pedestrian crossings.

What is the crime rate in Douglas AZ?

The Douglas AZ crime rate for 2017 was 249.35 per 100,000 population, a 36.29% increase from 2016. The Douglas AZ crime rate for 2016 was 182.95 per 100,000 population, a 83.69% decline from 2012.

Douglas AZ Crime Rate 1999-2017.

City Name Population Rate
Chandler 249,355 259.47
Peoria 165,889 249.56
Douglas 16,443 249.35
Eagar 5,001 239.95

What does the word Cochise mean?

Native American Meaning:
In Native American the meaning of the name Cochise is: Wood. Renowned warrior chief of the Chiricahua Apache.

What was the first international airport in the United States?

Douglas Municipal Airport
In the United States, Douglas Municipal Airport in Arizona became the first international airport of the Americas in 1928. The precursors to international airports were airfields or aerodromes.

Who founded Douglas AZ?

Douglas’ early history dates back hundreds of years to the 1500’s and the early Spanish explorers. Cabeza de Vaca established a route from Mexico during the period of 1535-1536. The region was also part of Nueva España during the 1700’s and an early presidio was located just east of present day Douglas.

What is Sierra Vista AZ known for?

As the Hummingbird Capital of the United States, Sierra Vista, Arizona has a flourishing wildlife population. The landscape is great for hikers, cyclists, and nature lovers alike. This city’s canyons, rivers, and mountains are the ideal background for wildlife watching, camping, and horseback riding.

Which US city is closest to Mexican border?

1 Answer

  • El Paso, Texas / Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua.
  • Laredo, Texas / Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas.
  • McAllen, Texas / Reynosa, Tamaulipas.
  • Brownsville, Texas / Matamoros, Tamaulipas.

Can I cross the border from Arizona to Mexico?

Arizona only borders the Mexican state of Sonora and a Temporary Vehicle Importation Permit (TIP) is not required to drive in most of the state of Sonora. However, if you plan to travel outside of the free border zone, you will want to purchase a TIP before you go.

How big is Douglas AZ?

9.981 mi²Douglas / Area

What is the zip code for Douglas Arizona?

Douglas/Zip codes

Are there any descendants of Cochise?

Cochise (c. 1805 – June 8, 1874) was a reluctant Apache warrior, but a persistent one who survived the Battle of Apache Pass to fight on another decade. His descendants, who live on reservation lands granted after the Indian Wars in Mescalero, New Mexico, are inheritors of that doggedness.

What is Cochise famous for?

Cochise, (died June 8, 1874, Chiricahua Apache Reservation, Arizona Territory, U.S.), Chiricahua Apache chief who led the Indians’ resistance to the white man’s incursions into the U.S. Southwest in the 1860s; the southeasternmost county of Arizona bears his name.

What is the smallest airport in the US?

Dawson Community Airport
Smallest US Commercial Airport
There are thousands of small, regional airports scattered across the vast expanse of the USA but, according to an FAA report, the prize for the smallest is Dawson Community Airport in the state of Montana.

What is the busiest airport in America?

Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson (ATL)
Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson (ATL) has regained the top spot as the world’s busiest airport by passenger traffic as US airports dominated the top 10 rankings. According to figures published by trade body ACI World, the Georgia airport handled 75.7 million passengers during 2021—up 76.4% from 42.9 million in 2020.

What is the crime rate in Sierra Vista AZ?

The Sierra Vista AZ crime rate for 2018 was 244.28 per 100,000 population, a 45.19% decline from 2017. The Sierra Vista AZ crime rate for 2017 was 445.65 per 100,000 population, a 125.38% increase from 2016. The Sierra Vista AZ crime rate for 2016 was 197.73 per 100,000 population, a 19.7% decline from 2015.

How far is Sierra Vista from the Mexican border?

Sierra Vista’s southern boundary is about nine miles from the Mexican border, and another 15 miles from the Sonoran town of Naco, Mueller said. Naco, Sonora, has a population of 5,700, smaller than other Mexican border communities that are neighbors to Douglas and Nogales, for example.

Where is the safest Mexican border crossing?

And about the safest crossings between Mexico and Texas, Colombia will be the quickest and safest highway due is a toll road administrated by Texas’ authority.

What is the best border town in Mexico?

Juarez is the most sophisticated border town, a city with outstanding Mexican food, Mexican-style steaks, and Chinese food. Juarez has the warm, inbred politeness, and charm that comes from 314 years of tradition.