What is cross-check information?

What is cross-check information?

to make certain that information, a calculation, etc., is correct, by asking a different person or using a different method of calculation: We used to cross-check the information in the reports and never relied on a single source.

How do you use cross-check in a sentence?

Definition of ‘cross-check’

  1. You have to scrupulously check and cross-check everything you hear. [ VERB noun]
  2. His version will later be cross-checked against that of the university. [ be V-ed + against]
  3. They want to ensure such claims are justified by cross-checking with other records. [ VERB + with]

What is cross-check example?

Cross-check definition

When you double check the facts in an article that someone has given you, this is an example of cross-check. An act of cross-checking. (ice hockey) To illegally check (an opponent) with one’s stick held in both hands and lifted from the ice. (ice hockey) A penalty.

Why is it important to cross-check information?

Cross-checking is important as it leads to self-corrections and responses that better fit what is written on the page. Over time, we should expect to observe changes in a child’s cross-checking activity as they develop a self-extending system of efficient in the head processing (Clay, 2016).

What is another word for cross check?

What is another word for crosscheck?

documentation double-checking
substantiation validation

How do you do a cross check reference?

One traditional way to cross-check references is to print out the reference list and then scan through all of the references in the dissertation text to make sure that you properly cited your sources (e.g., author spelling and year match in both locations).

What is another word for cross-check?

What is cross-check in business?

A check that bears on its face two parallel transverse lines and that cannot be `presented for cash A bank that accepts the check may pay the proceeds only to another bank, which will credit the money to the account of the payee of the check.

What does cross-check and all call mean?

• ALL-CALL “Flight attendants, doors to arrival, crosscheck and all-call.” Meaning: Often part of the arming/disarming procedure, this is a request that each flight attendant report via intercom from his or her station — a sort of flight attendant conference call.

What does cross checking mean in reading?

Beginning readers need to learn to check one kind of information with another; this is called cross-checking. Students might check meaning (via the picture) with visual information (via the first letter of the word). They also may check that the words they say match the number of words they point to.

What is cross checking in guided reading?

Cross Checking is a strategy for reading when students do not know a word in the sentence. It is when the student thinks about what the sentence means and looks at the sounds in the word to decode help with decoding the word.

How do professionals say double check?

  1. authenticate.
  2. confirm.
  3. justify.
  4. substantiate.
  5. verify.
  6. approve.
  7. certify.
  8. document.

What’s another word for recheck?

What is another word for recheck?

reevaluate reconsider
reanalyze readdress
reexplore reweigh
reassess revise
rework retrace

Whats cross-reference mean?

Definition of cross-reference
(Entry 1 of 2) : a notation or direction at one place (as in a book or filing system) to pertinent information at another place.

What is another Word for cross-reference?


  • excerpt,
  • extract,
  • quotation.
  • How do you issue a crossed check?

    Crossed cheques are usually identified by drawing either two parallel transverse lines either vertically across the cheque or on the top left-hand corner of the cheque. Two or more words like ‘and company’ or ‘not negotiable’ may be placed between the lines.

    What does prepare for crosscheck mean?

    The cross-check means that after arming their assigned door, the flight attendant should check that their opposite number has also armed their door. As part of this procedure the flight attendants might also fasten a strip of red or orange tape diagonally across the window above the emergency slide.

    What does prepare for cross check mean?

    Ask the Captain: What happens during ‘cross check?’
    Answer: They are verifying that the doors are armed, i.e. the slides are ready to automatically deploy if the door is opened, when away from the gate or disarmed (the door can be opened without the slide deploying) when approaching the gate.

    How do you teach cross checking in reading?

    In a guided reading lesson at the emergent level (A to C), you might do a teaching point focused on cross-checking after students finish reading the book. Try folding back the picture, ask students to read the page, and talk about using the first letter to check.

    Why is self correction important in reading?

    When your child self-corrects, they are also self-monitoring (making sure what they are reading “looks right,” “sounds right,” and makes sense) and searching. When this whole process comes together seamlessly, it improves and refines your child’s reading process.

    What is self-monitoring reading strategy?

    Self–monitoring is when readers are aware of their own mistakes. They listen to their own voice and analyse what they are reading for meaning and correct pronunciation of words. It usually involves rereading to get it right.

    Why is self-monitoring in reading important?

    Self-Monitoring and Learning to Read
    A beginning reader uses self-monitoring to determine whether the sounds she’s using for the letters make sense together to create a word she recognizes—a skill known as decoding. Self-checking is what helps kids go back and rethink the word when it doesn’t sound right.

    What is another word for double checking?

    ascertain, cross-check, examine, substantiate, verify.

    What is another word for cross-reference?

    Where is cross-reference in Word?

    On the References Ribbon, in the Captions Group, click the Cross-reference () icon. Select the type of item you are referencing from the Reference type pulldown. For figures, select Only Label and Number from the Insert reference to: pulldown, unless you want the entire caption to appear in the text.