What is class template in C#?

What is class template in C#?

Template Method is a behavioral design pattern that allows you to defines a skeleton of an algorithm in a base class and let subclasses override the steps without changing the overall algorithm’s structure.

Does C# use templates?

C# does not allow non-type template parameters, such as template C<int i> {} . C# does not support explicit specialization; that is, a custom implementation of a template for a specific type.

How do I create a generic class in C#?

First create a class as in the following code.

  1. class CompareClass {
  2. public bool Compare(string x, string y) {
  3. if (x.Equals(y)) return true;
  4. else return false;
  5. }
  6. public bool Compare(int x, int y) {
  7. if (x.Equals(y)) return true;
  8. else return false;

What is generic method in C#?

A generic method is a method that is declared with type parameters, as follows: C# Copy. static void Swap<T>(ref T lhs, ref T rhs) { T temp; temp = lhs; lhs = rhs; rhs = temp; } The following code example shows one way to call the method by using int for the type argument: C# Copy.

What are template classes?

Template class. is an instance of a class template. A template definition is identical to any valid class definition that the template might generate, except for the following: The class template definition is preceded by template< template-parameter-list >

What Is syntax of class template?

1. What is the syntax of class template? Explanation: Syntax involves template keyword followed by list of parameters in angular brackets and then class declaration.

Are templates the same as generics?

Comparing Templates and Generics

Generics are generic until the types are substituted for them at runtime. Templates are specialized at compile time so they are not still parameterized types at runtime. The common language runtime specifically supports generics in MSIL.

How does inheritance work C#?

In C#, inheritance allows us to create a new class from an existing class. It is a key feature of Object-Oriented Programming (OOP). The derived class inherits the fields and methods of the base class. This helps with the code reusability in C#.

What is polymorphism in C#?

Polymorphism means “many forms”, and it occurs when we have many classes that are related to each other by inheritance. Like we specified in the previous chapter; Inheritance lets us inherit fields and methods from another class. Polymorphism uses those methods to perform different tasks.

What is tuple in C#?

The word Tuple means “a data structure which consists of the multiple parts”. So tuple is a data structure which gives you the easiest way to represent a data set which has multiple values that may/may not be related to each other. It introduced in . NET Framework 4.0. In tuple, you can add elements from 1 to 8.

What is namespace C#?

The namespace keyword is used to declare a scope that contains a set of related objects. You can use a namespace to organize code elements and to create globally unique types. C# Copy.

What is type-safe in C#?

C# is primarily a type-safe language, meaning that types can interact only through protocols they define, thereby ensuring each type’s internal consistency. For instance, C# prevents you from interacting with a string type as though it were an integer type.

When should I use template classes?

Templates can be used in conjunction with abstract datatypes in order to allow them to handle any type of data. For example, you could make a templated stack class that can handle a stack of any datatype, rather than having to create a stack class for every different datatype for which you want the stack to function.

What is use of class template?

Class Template:
We can define a template for a class. For example, a class template can be created for the array class that can accept the array of various types such as int array, float array or double array.

What is a generic class class template?

Templates are the foundation of generic programming, which involves writing code in a way that is independent of any particular type. A template is a blueprint or formula for creating a generic class or a function.

Which is known as generic class?

Explanation: Template classes are known to be generic classes because those can be used for any data type value and the same class can be used for all the variables of different data types.

What is overloading in C#?

Overloading happens when you have two methods with the same name but different signatures (or arguments). In a class we can implement two or more methods with the same name. Overloaded methods are differentiated based on the number and type of parameter passed as arguments to the methods.

What is thread in C#?

A thread is defined as the execution path of a program. Each thread defines a unique flow of control. If your application involves complicated and time consuming operations, then it is often helpful to set different execution paths or threads, with each thread performing a particular job.

What is polymorphism C#?

Is C# dynamic or static?

statically typed languages
C# and Java are often considered examples of statically typed languages, while Python, Ruby and JavaScript are examples of dynamically typed languages.

Why do we use class templates?

A class template provides a specification for generating classes based on parameters. Class templates are generally used to implement containers. A class template is instantiated by passing a given set of types to it as template arguments.

Can main () function be made private?

Yes, we can declare the main method as private in Java. It compiles successfully without any errors but at the runtime, it says that the main method is not public.

Why do we need generics in C#?

Generics is a technique that improves your programs in many ways such as: It helps you in code reuse, performance and type safety. You can create your own generic classes, methods, interfaces and delegates. You can create generic collection classes.

What is deadlock in C#?

A deadlock in C# is a situation where two or more threads are frozen in their execution because they are waiting for each other to finish.

What is async and await in C#?

The async keyword turns a method into an async method, which allows you to use the await keyword in its body. When the await keyword is applied, it suspends the calling method and yields control back to its caller until the awaited task is complete. await can only be used inside an async method.