What is Chemocarp?

What is Chemocarp?

Definition of cremocarp : a dry dehiscent fruit characteristic of plants of the family Umbelliferae that consists of two indehiscent oneseeded mericarps which split apart at maturity and remain pendent from the summit of the carpophore.

What is the meaning of Schizocarpic fruit?

Definition of schizocarp : a dry compound fruit that splits at maturity into several indehiscent one-seeded carpels.

What is the meaning of Orthospermous?

Adjective. orthospermous (not comparable) (botany) Having the seeds straight, as in the fruits of some umbelliferous plants.

Is Mericarp a dry fruit?

A dry fruit that splits into several parts (each called a mericarp), each usually with a single seed; e.g., in Apiaceae, most lianas of Malpighiaceae, some Malvaceae, and Serjania spp.

What is the role of Carpophore?

Answer. A thin stalk that raises the pistil above the stamens in some plants.

Is schizocarp an Indehiscent?

Finally, a schizocarp is a dry, dehiscent fruit type derived from a two or more loculed compound ovary in which the locules separate at maturity.

What is androphore and gynophore?

Explanation: A gynophore can be defined as the stalk like structure of the flower which supports the female reproductive parts or gynoecium whereas the androphore is the stalk or column that supports the stamens or male reproductive parts of the flower.

What is Bilipped Corolla?

A bilabiate (means “two-lipped”) corolla is a zygomorphic, sympetalous corolla with the limb divided into two lips. Lamiaceae (the mint family) typically have bilabiate corollas.

Can you eat schizocarp?

Some fruits are fun to eat. Schizocarps have the rare designation of being both. But there’s far more than a good time behind these tricky and tasty plants.

What does androphore mean?

Definition of androphore 1 : the stalk or column supporting the stamens in certain flowers. 2 : a branch bearing antheridia in fungi. 3 : a generative bud or modified medusa in coelenterates in which only male elements are developed : a male gonophore.

What is Gynandrophore?

Gynandrophore is an elongation of the floral axis within the flower under the stamens, such that androecium and gynoecium are both bearing on a stalk. This structure is formed only rarely and gives the name Gynandropsis to this genus, synonymous with the capers in which it arises.