What is an example of allusion in a movie?

What is an example of allusion in a movie?

Early on, the film includes a fake newsreel about Kane that is allusive to many events in the life of Hearst. Allusion examples include Heart’s castle in California; his huge art collection; the San Francisco earthquake and fire; women’s suffrage; and prohibition. There is also a literary allusion to Samuel Colridge.

Whats the definition of allusions?

Definition of allusion 1 : an implied or indirect reference especially in literature a poem that makes allusions to classical literature also : the use of such references. 2 : the act of making an indirect reference to something : the act of alluding to something.

What is allusion in a sentence?

Meaning: [ə’luːʒn] n. passing reference or indirect mention. 1. She was made uncomfortable by his veiled allusion to the previous night.

What is allusion in a story?

Allusions are generally regarded as brief but purposeful references, within a literary text, to a person, place, event, or to another work of literature.

Is Scrooge a literary allusion?

Examples of allusion: (Scrooge” is the allusion, and it refers to Charles Dicken’s novel, A Christmas Carol. Scrooge was very greedy and unkind, which David was being compared to.) The software included a Trojan Horse. (allusion on the Trojan horse from Greek mythology)

What are some examples of literary allusions in drama?

Writers often use these kinds of references in drama and literature for millennia. Among some of the most prominent practitioners include Dryden’s and Pope’s satires, Shakespeare’s puns on Will, Donne’s pun on Donne, Anne and Undone; metaphorical allusion in T.S. Eliot’s work and imitative allusion in Johnson’s to Juvenal in London.

What is the purpose of allusion in movies?

This article will illuminate the purpose of allusion, then illustrate allusion examples in movies — including historical allusion and literary allusion. Examples include emphasizing themes, engaging readers and viewers, and connecting a script to the larger world.

What is another name for allusion?

It is also known as an echo or a reference . Poetry often contains allusion, as every word in a poem carries lots of weight, so a simple allusive phrase in a poem can bring forth many additional layers of meaning. Prose and drama can carry allusions too.