What is a Stokes basket stretcher?

What is a Stokes basket stretcher?

A Stokes basket, also called a Stokes stretcher or Stokes litter, is a metal wire or plastic litter widely used in search and rescue. [1] Its key feature is that it can be disassembled for transport in backpacks or by pack horse.

How wide is a Stokes basket?

This Stokes basket has been designed to fit most 16″ x 72″ (40.64 cm x 182.88 cm) backboards. It has nylon web straps at the chest, the abdomen, the thigh, and the calf. The frame consists of 5/8″ (1.5875 cm) steel tubing. And the cross braces and runners are composed of 3/16″ x 3/4″ (0.47625 cm x 1.905 cm) flat steel.

What is rescue stretcher?

The Traverse Rescue Stretcher was designed and constructed for both horizontal and vertical casualty evacuations. The lightweight and compact roll-up design makes this stretcher ideal for high angle and confined space rescue, as well as backcountry wilderness and helicopter operations.

What do you call a rescue stretcher?

A litter is a stretcher or basket designed to be used where there are obstacles to movement or other hazards: for example, in confined spaces, on slopes, in wooded terrain. Typically it is shaped to accommodate an adult in a face up position and it is used in search and rescue operations.

Which type stretcher is commonly used in technical rescue situations?

The Paraguard type rescue stretcher and should be a must, and a part of all rescue & evacuation equipment. It is of great assistance in immobilizing the patient in the safest possible way during transport.

How do you use a sked?

To open sked stretcher and lay flat

  1. Remove the sked from pack and position on ground.
  2. Unfasten retainer strap. Step on foot end of sked and unfold entirely to other end.
  3. Bend the stretcher over your forearm and back roll. Repeat with other end too.
  4. The stretcher should now lay flat.

What are the types of stretchers?

Scoop stretcher, ambulance stretcher, basket stretcher, medical stretcher, folding stretcher, portable stretcher, emergency stretcher, rescue stretcher, wheeled stretcher, etc. are the types of patient stretchers.

Why is a stretcher called a litter?

The word litter is ultimately derived from Latin lectus, meaning “bed.” From lectus also comes the French word lit of the same meaning, which provides the base for litiere, an Old French word that was the name for both a bed and the aforementioned vehicle.

What type of securing device should be used to raise and or lower a victim during a low angle rescue or rescue over rough terrain?

The rappel rack is considered the device of choice by many rescue teams. The device may be attached to a harness and used to descend, or rappel, and can also be attached to an anchor and used to lower other rescuers (or in this case a stokes basket).

What is high angle rescue training?

High angle rescue involves recovering and rescuing accident victims in areas involving heights and slopes. This particular OSHA safety training program teaches participants how to efficiently, safely, and quickly transport victims to safer areas where they can get the medical care they need.