What happened to Kanye when he made Through The Wire?

What happened to Kanye when he made Through The Wire?

“Through the Wire” is the debut single by American rapper Kanye West, who wrote and recorded the song with his jaw wired shut after a car accident in October 2002.

Why was Kanyes mouth wired shut?

He crashed into an oncoming car. West’s jaw was completely shattered in three places and the other driver broke both his legs. West had to undergo emergency surgery, where a metal plate was put into his chin and his mouth wired shut for over one month.

How old was Kanye When Through The Wire dropped?

25 years old
But it was a wrong turn that, after just barely failing to kill him, somehow ended up launching the fledgling rapper to megastardom. West, not yet 25 years old at the time, had already carved out for himself a promising reputation as a producer of soulful and catchy hip-hop beats.

Did Kanye record Through The Wire while his mouth was wired shut?

The song of choice was Through The Wire. The Through the Wire title comes from the fact that Kanye recorded the original version while his mouth was still wired shut after his accident.

Who was Kanye girlfriend through the wire?

1. Sumeke Rainey. When Kanye was first starting out, he was still dating his high school girlfriend, Sumeke Rainey. Her father was the one who gifted Kanye with a box of Marvin Gaye, Curtis Mayfield, and Aretha Franklin records, which he later sampled on his 2004 debut album, College Dropout.

Who was Kanye’s girl in Through the Wire?

Kanye West’s first major single, “Through the Wire,” famously sampled Chaka Khan’s “Through the Fire.” The song — in which West details the car accident that broke his jaw over sped up Chaka Khan vocals — would go on to become one of the rapper’s most iconic songs. It turns out not everyone loved the track, however.

Does Kanye bottom teeth?

“No,” the rap superstar replied. “It’s, like, replaced my bottom row of teeth.” We here at the Music Mix had our doubts, too, so we called an expert, Dr. Emanuel Layliev of the New York Center for Cosmetic Dentistry.

Does Kanye have missing teeth?

Rap artist Kanye West has revealed that he underwent cosmetic dentistry in order to improve his image. In a recent interview with chat show host and comedienne Ellen DeGeneres, the musician showed off his diamond and gold teeth implants, which he said completely replace his natural teeth.

Did Kanye West date Nia Long?

“Sure enough, I sent the plane tickets / But when she came to kick it, things became different,” he raps. “Any girl I cheated on, sheets I skeeted on / Couldn’t keep it at home, thought I needed a Nia Long.” There is no official date of their breakup, but it was likely sometime around the late ’90s.

What drugs were used in the wire?

The Barksdale Organization is a fictional drug-dealing gang on the television series The Wire.

  • The gang’s criminal activities include heroin and cocaine dealing, homicides (including killing witnesses in criminal cases against the gang), and money laundering.
  • Where did expression down to the wire originate?

    To the last minute; to the very end. For example, We’re just about down to the wire with this project. This term comes from horseracing, where it was long the practice to stretch a wire across and above the track at the finish line. It was extended to figurative use about 1900.