What ethnicity is Jill Valentine?

What ethnicity is Jill Valentine?

Early life. Valentine’s father was French, and her mother was of Japanese descent (a “Nikkei”).

What Virus is Nemesis?

the T-virus

Formerly Matt Addison (portrayed by Eric Mabius), a survivor of the events of the first film, he was infected with the T-virus after being scratched by a Licker and later captured and experimented upon by the Umbrella Corporation.

Why did Umbrella make nemesis?

Nemesis was developed by Paris Labs of Umbrella’s European Branch as one of the Nemesis T-Types, an offshoot of the Tyrant Project. The idea behind them was to create a B.O.W. that still had the power of a Tyrant, but more intelligent and able to follow orders.

How tall is Executioner Majini?

24″ tall
The next statue in our Officially Licensed 1:4 Scale Resident Evil collection, Executioner Majini is a huge 24″ tall, and 25” long with his massive blood-stained axe!

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Why is Jill’s hair blonde?

Conversation. Jill Valentine’s blonde hair in #ResidentEvil 5, contrary to popular belief, is not caused by the P30 chemical but due to the reactivation of her prior t-Virus infection.

What race is Chris Redfield?

Chris Redfield was a Native American of part-Mohawk decent residing in Raccoon City.

What color is the T-Virus?

In the 2002 film, the t-Virus is depicted as blue, while an anti-virus that counteracts it is green. The t-Virus is also depicted as blue in the game Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City.

What race is Ada Wong?

An American woman of Asian descent, Ada is first mentioned in the original Resident Evil (1996) set in 1998.

Who is the most powerful Tyrant in Resident Evil?

The 10 Most Powerful Bosses In The Resident Evil Games

  1. 1 Jack Baker. Jack Baker is like the human form of the Tyrants – quite literally unstoppable and able to morph into grotesque versions of itself.
  2. 2 Mendez.
  3. 3 T-078.
  4. 4 Mr.
  5. 5 The Nemesis.
  6. 6 Marguerite Baker.
  7. 7 Verdugo.
  8. 8 U-3.

Did Nemesis survive the railgun?

Ultimately the rail canon didn’t kill Nemesis. And Jills magnum rounds only slowed it down. What was left of Nemesis would have burned up in the fires from the nuke dropped on the city.

Who is the big guy in Resident Evil: Afterlife?

The Executioner Majini appears in the film, Resident Evil: Afterlife, where he is known as the Axeman. He appears midway through the film and serves as a brief antagonist for Alice and Claire Redfield during the survivor’s escape from the Los Angeles Prison.

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Who is Dr Salvador?

Salvador is an Infected card in Resident Evil: The Deck Building Game. It is based on the Chainsaw Man enemy from Resident Evil 4.

What virus did Jill Valentine have?

the T-Virus
During her ordeal in Raccoon City, the T-Virus found its way to Jill’s system. It’s thanks to the efforts of Carlos Oliviera that Jill got a cure to the virus. Wesker will use Jill’s newfound “immunity” to make her a test subject for the Uroboros Virus, turning Jill into a superhuman agent under Wesker’s control.

Why does Jill look different Resident Evil 5?

Starting with re7 capcom started scanning real people to create characters instead of building models from scratch. All the characters changed looks after that because they didn’t have real people to scan that looked 100% like their old models.

What race is Claire Redfield?

Claire Redfield (Japanese: クレア・レッドフィールド, Hepburn: Kurea Reddofīrudo) is a character in Resident Evil (Biohazard in Japan), a survival horror video game series created by Japanese company Capcom.

Claire Redfield
Family Chris Redfield (older brother)
Nationality American

Is Chris Redfield a werewolf?

And he does not turn into a werewolf or any other kind of monster during the events of the game. He comes out of the end of it relatively unscathed. Chris Redfield survives the events of Resident Evil Village and it seems he survives for some time after that as well.

Who created T-Virus?

William Birkin came to be known within Umbrella circles as the true creator of the T-virus.

Is there a cure for T-Virus?

Since the T-Virus is meant to be a bioweapon, an effective vaccine automatically renders it useless as its function as a deterrent. In a way, it would be like trying to sell Polio bullets to the army — it’s pointless because a known cure exists against it.

Is Ada in love with Leon?

Villainesses Want Heroes – Ada is an amoral spy who uses any tactic available to achieve her goals; however, she does genuinely love Leon and will always help him, even putting his safety above her own.

Who is Ada Wong boyfriend?

John Clemens
Ada’s Picture (写真, shashin?) is the personal item Ada Wong carries in Resident Evil 2. The picture portrays Ada with her boyfriend, John Clemens.

Why is Wesker so strong?

Powers and Abilities
Superhuman Strength: Thanks to his injecting himself with that prototype virus, Wesker’s strength is so much that he can throw large missiles with one hand, lift steel girders off his body, and kill a B.O.W. with one strike.

Is Jack Baker stronger than Nemesis?

In conclusion Jack Baker is stronger than the Tyrant and Nemesis as a antagonist that follows you throughout the game. Jack Baker would kick their asses in a real fight. He walks through walls while Mr. X has to tackle through a wall with Nemesis breaking the wall in 5 hits.

Who was turned into Nemesis?

Nemesis was originally a human named Matt Addison. He was infected by a Licker during the events of the first Resident Evil film. In Resident Evil: Apocalypse the virus has fully transformed him into the Nemesis.

Who is the most powerful tyrant in Resident Evil?

Is Alice a clone?

Resident Evil: The Final Chapter revealed that Milla Jovovich’s Alice is a clone, but the series gave this reveal away in the previous entry. Alice was an original creation for the Resident Evil movie, with the character having never appeared in any of the games.