What episode in Season 4 does Lucious get his memory back?

What episode in Season 4 does Lucious get his memory back?

After struggling for months, Lucious’s memories came flooding back on the Nov. 8 episode of ‘Empire. ‘ Plus, Hakeem put everything in jeopardy when Bella’s custody drama got the best of him.

What season did Lucious lose his memory?

After the explosive season 3 finale, Lucious has lost his memory and his family is trying to help him regain it, with the uncomfortable assistance from Nurse Claudia.

Did Lucius go to jail in Empire?

Well, Lucious’ time in jail didn’t last very long. After being behind bars for three long months, the head of Empire is finally back and ready to reclaim his kingdom! Lucious (Terrance Howard) is a free man, all thanks to his shady new lawyer Thirsty Rawlings (Andre Royo).

Who gets custody of Bella in Empire?

During the trial, Diana revealed a recording from a meeting to the judge, who gave custody to Anika.

What does Claudia do to Lucius?

Claudia has gone full Misery on Lucious, locking him in a secluded cabin in the woods. She has him chained up to a piano. When he doesn’t comply to her demands, she shoots him with a tranquilizer. Demi Moore is killing it, people.

Who does cookie Lyon end up with?


The Cookie-Lucious relationship is the romantic relationship and marriage between Cookie Lyon and Lucious Lyon. Cookie and Lucious were married before Empire Entertainment was founded. They have three sons: Andre, Hakeem, and Jamal.

Who killed Eddie on Empire?

One person we can safely rule out of the death derby Eddie Barker since, well, the power-hungry do-badder is already a pile of ash. Midway through the hour, Forest Whitaker’s villain banged his head during a tussle with ex-wife Giselle (newly-minted series regular Nicole Ari Parker) and croaked.

Does Bella shoot herself Empire?

We pick up this week’s episode with Bella pointing the gun up at her chin. Thankfully, she doesn’t shoot herself as Hakeem manages to diffuse the situation. Cookie and Lucious take this as their chance to respectively lecture the former lovebirds.

Who does Tiana end up with on Empire?

Hakeem Lyon (husband)
Soon they reach an understanding and Tiana once asked to get back together with him, after seeing he matured but Hakeem denied her but they stayed friends. Eventually, in Season 3 they get back together after both went through bad break-ups and they reconnected.

Does Cookie get pregnant?

Before Andre, Jamal, and Hakeem were born, Cookie was pregnant with a baby girl — she and Lucious were so excited, and, when she miscarried, they were devastated.

Does Lucious really have amnesia?

Fresh off a four-month hiatus, Empire has returned to Fox with Season 4 and the greatest shake-up the Lyon family’s had to date: Due to an explosion orchestrated by Andre at the end of Season 3, the Lyon family patriarch underwent a leg amputation and suffered a traumatic brain injury that left him with extreme amnesia …

Why did Empire get Cancelled?

In separate statements, Empire creators/executive producers Lee Daniels and Danny Strong addressed the abrupt ending of their show due to the coronavirus pandemic while holding out hope that they could film a proper finale one day.

Is Hakeem Lyon dead?

In the season 5 premiere, it is revealed that Hakeem was shot. He loses a lung and is recovering. He has a son, Prince, with Tiana.

Who gets custody of Bella Lyon?

During the trial, Diana revealed a recording from a meeting to the judge, who gave custody to Anika. However, Hakeem regained custody in “Slave to Memory” when Anika was exposed for being an accessory to Bella’s kidnapping after Angelo was forced to sign a confession by Lucious.

What happens to Leah Walker?

Lucious tells Andre about his bipolar mother and the pair visit her grave. The tombstone also reveals that she died on January 11, 1979. However, the end of the episode has Thirsty visiting Leah at a senior home, revealing Leah is still alive.

Why was Empire Cancelled?

Does Hakeem marry Maya?

Maya was born in prison, stolen from her mother’s arms, and adopted by upper middle-class parents. A classically trained dancer, she’s beautiful, graceful, and headstrong. She woke up married to Hakeem during their trip from Vegas.

Who does Cookie end up with?

Lucious and Cookie were married, and they had three children, Andre, the oldest and educated, Jamal, the middle child, and Hakeem, the youngest.

Did Lucious really lose his leg?

In the most shocking development, the premiere also revealed that Lucious lost part of his leg in the explosion — something that was kept under wraps in the finale as he was hidden by blankets while he was in the hospital.

Did Lucious really have ALS?

In the Season one finale, Lucious discovers that he doesn’t have ALS; rather, he has the treatable but still debilitating myasthenia gravis.

Will there be a spin off of Empire?

Henson in the Works at Fox. Fox is reteaming with Taraji P. Henson for an untitled ‘Empire’ spinoff, with the actress behind Cookie Lyon reprising her role in the potential series.

Who shot Lucious season 6?

Afterward, Lucious tries to soothe Yana, pointing out that she’s on the verge of superstardom, and they share a hug. In one of the more ridiculous misreads ever, even for a soap, Damon spots the two as he turns the corner, shouts, “You liar!,” pulls his gun and shoots.

Is Kingsley Lucious son?

At the LFM showing, Jeff shows up still battered and decides to tell the audience and Lyon Family his secret. He reveals his status as Lucious’ son and his background, which garners shock from the family and audience.

What happened Lucius mother?

Who took Bella on Empire?

Diana Dubois
At the end of the episode, the audience finally saw who was responsible for Bella’s hijacking: Diana Dubois, Angelo’s mother. As she nursed Angelo’s torture wounds, she insisted that “extraordinary times call for extraordinary measures.” That’s when Bella was wheeled into the room and scooped into Diana’s arms.