What episode does twice appear on Idol room?

What episode does twice appear on Idol room?



What is the latest episode of Weekly Idol?

Episode 563Weekly Idol / Latest episode

When did Doni and CONI leave Weekly Idol?

Jung returned as the co-host of Weekly Idol in October 2016, ending his 11-month break from television activities. In March 2018, both Jung and Defconn left Weekly Idol. In May, they became hosts of the variety show Idol Room.

Is Weekly Idol still airing?

Weekly Idol is a South Korean variety show that began in 2011 and currently airs Wednesdays at 7:30 PM KST on MBC M, and 12:00 AM KST on MBC Every1. It is one of the longest-running variety shows to air on satellite TV in Japan.

Who is No 1 KPOP Idol?

BTS’ Jimin reclaims his spot as No. 1 on Kpop idol Brand Reputation Rankings, 2PM’s Junho dips to No.

How many times did BTS appear on Weekly Idol?

BTS appeared in total 3 times in Weekly Idol.

Is Idol room still airing?

The show began on May 12, 2018, and originally aired on Saturdays at 16:40 (KST). The final episode of the season aired on February 11, 2020.

Who is No 1 KPOP idol?

Will BTS appear on Weekly Idol?

DoniConi Idol Call Center: a special call center is prepared for one week before the recording of an episode, and the fans can personally call in and leave messages for the idols; some messages are then revealed to the idols during the recording. And many more! BTS appeared in total 3 times in Weekly Idol.

Who is more popular V or JK?

On the top of the list is BTS’ V followed by BTS’ Jungkook. The magazine analysed that BTS V’s fan base is like no other in the history of K-pop. While the magazine mentioned that V’s fans are spread across the seven continents, it also mentioned that V “wants to crash the internet with his fame and popularity”.

Who is best dancer in K-pop?


  • Hyoyeon (SNSD)
  • Momo (TWICE)
  • Seungyeon (CLC)
  • Chungha.
  • Chaeyeon.
  • Hyorin. The name Hyorin is the most surprising on the list.
  • Lisa. Thai female idol of BLACKPINK is perfect for every dance type, from hip hop to feminine and sexy.
  • What problems did BTS face in 2018?

    In the interview, BTS has spoken about their struggle. As we know, the band admitted that in 2018 they thought of disbanding. The band had been struggling with issues like burnout, mental and emotional exhaustion and somehow did not get the recognition they had hoped for.

    When was Idol Room Cancelled?

    February 11, 2020Idol Room / Final episode date

    How many times BTS attend Weekly Idol?

    Who has the highest fan base in BTS?

    V has the highest number of followers and is followed by 7.5 million people. Jungkook is the second most followed member with a following of 7.3 million people. Jimin and Jin both have 7 million followers. While, JHope, Suga and RM have 6.9 million followers each.

    Who is more handsome in BTS?

    Recently AllKpop which is a Korean entertainment portal shared the Most Handsome and Beautiful in the world 2022 list. The voting took place on the Instagram page after which the results were declared. BTS’ V aka Kim Taehyung has got the top spot while Jungkook is in the second place.

    Who is best vocalist in K-pop?

    Junsu (JYJ)
    When it comes to vocals, Junsu of JYJ will always be at the top list. Because of his high-quality voice, he is now one of the most famous vocalists in K-pop. His strong and consistent voice is what makes him an amazing singer.

    Who is best rapper in K-pop?

    Top 10 Best Male K-Pop Rappers

    • Rap Monster.
    • Rap Monster, J-hope, & Suga (BTS)
    • G-Dragon and TOP (Big Bang)
    • Yongguk (BAP)
    • Junhyung (BEAST/B2ST)
    • Chanyeol (EXO)
    • Baro (B1A4)
    • Zico (Block B)

    Why did BTS think of disbanding?

    K-pop group BTS left their fans with a heavy heart after they announced that they will take some time off as a group to focus on solo projects. The members — Jin, Suga, RM, J-Hope, Jimin, V and Jungkook — announced that they were going into a hiatus to pursue their individual artistic goals and mature.

    Will BTS disband after military?

    BTS singer Jungkook has opened up about reports of disbanding. Jungkook took to VLive on Wednesday to clarify these reports and assure BTS ARMY that they have he and the other members – RM, Jin, Jimin, J-Hope, V, and Suga – have no plans of breaking up the band anytime soon.

    What happened with Idol Room?

    The idol group already finished recording for the show last week. On January 30, a source from “Idol Room” confirmed the news, saying, “We will wrap up the season with the 87th episode on February 11. We finished all the recordings on Monday, and the final guest is SECHSKIES.

    Is there still Idol Room?

    A rep from the network confirmed, “‘Idol Room’ will be ending gracefully on February 11.” ‘Idol Room’, hosted by Jung Hyung Don and Defconn, premiered in May of 2018.

    Who is worldwide handsome?

    Kim Seok-jin
    Kim Seok-jin, better known as Jin, is one of the charismatic members of South Korean band BTS. The 29-year-old singer often introduces himself as “worldwide handsome” followed by a flying kiss. However, this should not be mistaken as his excessive vanity but his way of lightening the atmosphere.

    Who is most handsome V or JK?

    As per the reports of TC Candler, Jungkook has won the title of ‘Most Handsome Face’ of 2019. In the very next year, V won the ‘Most Handsome Man’ title. On Instagram, Jungkook has around 8.5 million followers and at the same time, V has over 6 million followers on the Instagram page.

    Who is the most cutest in BTS without makeup?

    Jin. Jin, our “worldwide handsome,” can have no makeup on and still look flawless! Jin’s naturally smooth skin is to die for.