What does viagogo do?

What does viagogo do?

Viagogo is a London-based ticket exchange and ticket resale outfit. It was founded in 2006 by Eric Baker, the co-founder of StubHub.

Is viagogo safe site?

Tried to dispute through PayPal, unfortunately told there is nothing they can do as it’s my word against theirs; unfortunately viagogo only receive communications through their website, yet another way to avoid accountability. Stay away from this website, they aren’t legit.

Where is viagogo located?

New York, NY
Company Description: Viagogo, Inc. is located in New York, NY, United States and is part of the Travel Arrangement and Reservation Services Industry.

How does viagogo make money?

What are viagogo’s fees? Buyers: viagogo charges a booking fee on top of the ticket price. This fee is displayed in the check-out process and covers the cost of maintaining the viagogo platform, guaranteeing tickets and providing customer service.

What is Viagogo guarantee?

2.15 viagogo Guarantee. When You purchase tickets on viagogo, viagogo guarantees that You will receive the tickets You paid for in time for the event.

What percentage do Viagogo take?

Buyers should always use a credit card to make a purchase Outfits such as Viagogo and StubHub can charge buyers a 15 per cent fee on top of the ticket price, which may well be inflated. Sellers also often get a raw deal, typically seeing 10 per cent of the purchase price taken as commission by the website.

Can I get refund from viagogo?

Per viagogo’s guarantee, buyers are entitled to a full refund if an event is cancelled.

What is viagogo guarantee?

How do I check my Viagogo tickets?

If you bought e-tickets, we will notify you via email once they are ready to download and print. If you bought ‘Instant Download’ e-tickets, they will be available to download and print from your Purchases shortly after purchasing. You can track the status of your order in the Purchases section.

Can I get refund from Viagogo?

Can I buy tickets from Viagogo?

How do I cancel a sale on Viagogo?

It’s not possible to cancel or exchange tickets once a purchase has been made as orders are considered final. If you cannot use the tickets you purchased and there is still time before the event date, we advise you to re-list them by clicking on the “Sell” link on the event that you have tickets for.

What is viagogo service fee?