What does Vergeltungswaffe meaning?

What does Vergeltungswaffe meaning?

V-weapons, known in original German as Vergeltungswaffen (German pronunciation: [fɐˈgɛltʊŋsˌvafṇ], German: “retaliatory weapons”, “reprisal weapons”), were a particular set of long-range artillery weapons designed for strategic bombing during World War II, particularly strategic bombing and/or aerial bombing of cities.

What does Vergast mean?

[fɛɐˈɡaːzn] Word forms: past participle vergast. Full verb table transitive verb. (Tech: in Motor) to carburet; Kohle to gasify; (= durch Gas töten) jdn, Ungeziefer to gas.

What is the meaning of Katze?

a cat

Katze is the common term to refer to a cat (both male and female ones). The derived form Kätzin is mostly restricted to poetic language and technical language.

What is the meaning of the French word fais?

accomplish, to Verb (accomplishes; accomplished; accomplishing) do, to Verb (does; did; doing) act, to Verb (acts; acted; acting)

Was there a V4 weapon?

Rheinbote (Rhine Messenger, or V4) was a German long range ballistic rocket developed by Rheinmetall-Borsig at Berlin-Marienfelde during World War II. It was intended to replace, or at least supplement, large-bore artillery by providing fire support at long ranges in an easily transportable form.

How do you pronounce Vergeltungswaffen?

  1. Phonetic spelling of Vergeltungswaffe. Ver-gel-tungs-waf-fe.
  2. Meanings for Vergeltungswaffe.
  3. Translations of Vergeltungswaffe. English : Weapon of retaliation. Arabic : سلاح الانتقام

What does velga mean?


Gender Female
Name day August 13
Meaning From veldzēt (“to refresh”)
Region of origin Latvia

What does Pito mean in Mexico?

male organ for copulation and urination.

How do you say cat in German?

It is very simple to translate cat into German. The universal word is (die) Katze, pronounced [ˈkatsə] in the IPA transcription. Don’t forget that it is feminine (die). Even a male cat is referred to as die Katze in German unless you need to specify the gender (more about that later).

What language is Katzen?

Katze (German → English) – DeepL Translate.

What is the meaning of je fais mes Devoirs?

Translation:I am doing my homework.

What’s the difference between FAIS and fait?

“Fais” is the conjugation of “faire” for the 1st and 2nd persons singular: “je fais” or “tu fais”. “Fait” is the 3rd person singular: “il/elle/on fait”. If “ça” is the subject of the sentence, then you need 3rd person singular, hence “fait”. Tu fais ça.

What was Hitler’s super weapon?

V-3 – Hitler’s ‘Supergun’
A battery of 25 gun tubes were sunk into inclined tunnels in the ground, further protected by a vast concrete slab. It was planned to bombard London at a rate of 600 shells an hour. The Allies assumed the site was part of the V-2 rocket programme and launched bombing attacks in late 1943.

What was the most feared weapon in WW2?

The V1 flying bomb was one of the most fear-inducing terror weapons of the Second World War. Thousands were killed and wounded by its warhead, but alongside those civilians are the forgotten victims of the V1 the people who made them.

What does wey mean Spanish?

Güey (Spanish pronunciation: [ˈwei]; also spelled guey, wey or we) is a word in colloquial Mexican Spanish which is commonly used to refer to any person without using their name.

What does Pepe mean in Spanish?

Pepe is a pet form of the Spanish name José (Josep). It is also a surname.

What does Pinto mean in Spanish slang?

Pinto or Pinta is a member of a Chicano subculture of people who are or have been incarcerated. It is an in-group moniker used to distinguish oneself from the general prison population or from “model inmates.” It is a term which embraces the oppositional elements of being a Convicto.

How do you say school in Germany?

German translation of ‘school’

  1. Schule f ; (US: = college, university) College nt , Universität f. at school in der Schule/im College/an der Universität.
  2. ( Univ: = department) Fachbereich m ; (of medicine, law) Fakultät f.
  3. (= group of artists, philosophers etc) Schule f.

Why is cat feminine in German?

Is Katzenjammer a word?

Katzenjammer comes from German Katze (meaning “cat”) and Jammer (meaning “distress” or “misery”). English speakers borrowed the word for their hangovers (and other distressful inner states) in the first half of the 19th century and eventually applied it to outer commotion as well.

What are you saying French duolingo?

‘ ‘¿Qué estás tú diciendo?

How do you translate the book is on the table in French?

The French translation for “There is a book on the table.” is Il y a un livre sur la table..

What is Faire in English?

On its own faire can be translated as “to do,” “to make,” “to equal,” “to play,” “to cover,” “to turn into,” “to work as,” “to act,” “to measure,” “to cost,” and “to last,” depending on the context.

How do you use faites in French?

Faire – to do, to make

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  2. Je fais la vaisselle. I’m doing the dishes. Que faites-vous dans la vie?
  3. Il fait chaud. It’s hot (out). Il fait 30 degrés.
  4. Un et un font deux. One plus one is two.
  5. Il fait du cyclisme. He bikes.
  6. Je fais tondre le gazon. I’m having the lawn mowed.

What was the most feared weapon in ww2?