What does tanked mean in UK?

What does tanked mean in UK?

Wall tanking or “tanking” is a method of preventing water ingress by creating a completely impermeable waterproof barrier on an internal wall.

Where does the phrase tanked come from?

Tank came from Tennis jargon, by way of boxing jargon. Originally, it meant to lose on purpose to gain an advantage. You could tank a set to get a rest or tank a boxing match so your backers could make money gambling against you.

What does getting tanked up mean?

very drunk

(informal) ​very drunk. Their idea of fun is getting tanked up on cheap beer. He got totally tanked that night.

What is another word for tanked?

Similar words for tanked:
drunk, intoxicated; stunned (adjective) high (adjective) intoxicated (adjective) loaded (adjective)

What does tanked mean in gaming?

To tank a game is a special case, in which one or more players intentionally play badly, in an attempt to make their team lose. The Provendential Prescriptivists tanked, and badly. That would normally mean that they lost by a large margin. It does not, by itself, imply that they intended or attempted to lose.

What is used for tanking?

The two main methods of tanking are by using a membrane or a coating. The type of damp and the precise requirements of the building will determine the most appropriate method to use, and sometimes a combination is required to ensure walls remain dry.

What is tanking in USA?

Tanking in sports refers to the practice of intentionally fielding non-competitive teams to take advantage of league rules that benefit losing teams.

What does it mean when something is tanking?

verb. tanked; tanking; tanks. transitive verb. : to make no effort to win : lose intentionally.

What does it mean when the movie is tanked?

Slang. to do poorly or decline rapidly; fail: The movie tanked at the box office.

What is the synonym of plummet?

drop. verblet go of; fall. abandon. bring down.

What is the synonym dropped?

Synonyms & Near Synonyms for dropped. decreased, depressed, knockdown.

What does it mean he tanked her?

adjective [usu v-link ADJ] If someone is tanked or tanked up, they are drunk. [informal]

What tanking means?

1 : to make no effort to win : lose intentionally tanked the match. 2 : to place, store, or treat in a tank. intransitive verb. 1 : to lose intentionally : give up in competition. 2 : to suffer rapid decline, failure, or collapse bought a stock that quickly tanked.

What is tanking in the NFL?

“Tanking means, ‘I’m going to lose a lot now to win more later. ‘ In this case, instead of spending money on good players right now, a team wants to lose because they’re going to pile up draft picks. In the NFL, it’s called salary cap room so that within a few years, a team can go out and get good players,” Pluto said.

What does tanking mean in NFL?

What does it mean if you tanked?

adjective [usually verb-link ADJECTIVE] If someone is tanked or tanked up, they are drunk. [informal]

What does it mean if you Tanked?

Is tank slang for jail?

Slang. a prison cell or enclosure for more than one occupant, as for prisoners awaiting a hearing. tank top.

What is plummeting used for?

to fall very quickly and suddenly: House prices have plummeted in recent months. Several large rocks were sent plummeting down the mountain. She plummeted to the ground.

What is a definition for plummet?

(Entry 1 of 2) intransitive verb. 1 : to fall perpendicularly birds plummeted down. 2 : to drop sharply and abruptly prices plummeted.

What does drop mean slang?

slang. to ingest an illicit drug orally; swallow.

What does I dropped her mean?

verb, slang To end one’s friendship with someone. Yeah, I did drop Kelly, but only because our friendship was so toxic. 2. verb, slang To punch someone and cause them to fall down.

What does tanked mean in sports?

What does tanking mean in sports?

In a broad sense, “tanking” is a term used to describe when sports teams lose games on purpose to secure some sort of future competitive advantage. The pervasiveness of tanking in the NBA presents significant problems to the league.

What does tanking mean in football?