What does T stand for in construction?

What does T stand for in construction?

T – Tonne(s)

What is the meaning of T abbreviation?

T is the twentieth letter of the English alphabet. 2. T or t is a written abbreviation for words beginning with ‘t’, such as ‘ton’ and ‘time’. 3. See to a T.

What is T and P in engineering?

Acronym. Definition. T&P. Temperature And Pressure (relief valve)

What are the abbreviations in engineering?


ACM Association for Computing Machinery
IEEE Institute of Electrical & Electronics Engineers
ASHRAE American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers
ASME American Society of Mechanical Engineers

What does T stand for in mechanics?

T Meaning

80 T Temperature Medical, HVAC, Mechanics
6 T Ton + 1 Engineering, Construction, General Construction
6 T t Ton Metric System, Mathematics, Units Of Mass
6 T Top Structural, Engineering, Drawings
6 T Tread Construction, Engineering, Architecture

What does T stand for in numbers?

Large number abbreviations

Abbreviation Name Value
K Thousand (Kilo) 10^3
M Million 10^6
B Billion 10^9
t Trillion 10^12

What does AT and T stand for?

American Telephone and TelegraphAT / Full name

What is T & A in business?

written abbreviation for trading as: used to show the name used by a business when advertising, dealing with customers, etc.

What is T and P in construction?

T&P stands for Tools & Plants.

What is TP in civil engineering?

TP and TS are interchangeably used for “technical product” and “technical system”.

What are engineering symbols?

For example, engineering symbols are used in technical drawings to convey the specific geometry and other details about pieces of equipment or components. To limit errors caused by personal interpretation, engineering drawings and diagrams are governed by standardized language and symbols.

What are abbreviations in engineering drawings?

Engineering drawing abbreviations and symbols

Abbreviation or symbol Definition
ANN anneal, annealed
ANSI American National Standards Institute
APPROX approximately
AQL acceptable quality level

What does be stand for in engineering?

Bachelor of Engineering – Wikipedia.

What is the T in math?

t, the usual symbol for time. t, the angular coordinate of the polar coordinate system (usually ϕ or θ) is sometimes denoted by t. , the symbol for torque. ⊤, the top element of a partially ordered set.

What does t mean in algebra?

In mathematics, the symbol ‘t’ is often used in equations as a variable to represent time.

What does it mean to be on T?

“And by T they mean the artificial substance, not the natural one that’s produced from a man’s body. “To say Testosterone is a mouthful so people just shorten it and say, ‘Oh, you’re on T. ‘”

What is t/o in finance?


Acronym Definition
T/O Turnover
T/O Takeoff
T/O Theater of Operations
T/O Table of Organization

What is Le in finance?

LE – Latest Estimate. LIFFE – London International Financial Futures and Options Exchange. LIFO – Last In, First Out.

What does TBM stand for in surveying?

A temporary benchmark (TBM) is a point with a known elevation used for level control during drainage construction works of houses and surveys.

What is TP business?

1. TP. Take-Profit + 1. Profit, Trading, Loss.

What is TA in drawing?

– TARGET AREA – Pictures – Distances – Cable Connections.

What is a F in drawing?

AF. across flats. Commonly used when measuring the flat surfaces of a hex drive, such as a hex nut. AFF. above finished floor.

What is r in engineering drawing?

The “R” represents a Radius, and usually on the print it will call out the size or full.

What does TF mean in civil engineering?

TF Construction Abbreviation. 1. TF. Taper Flange. Architectural, Technology, Architecture.

What does the T symbol mean?

t, the usual symbol for time. t, the angular coordinate of the polar coordinate system (usually ϕ or θ) is sometimes denoted by t. , the symbol for torque. ⊤, the top element of a partially ordered set. T, short for tablespoon.