What does Pope Francis say about technology?

What does Pope Francis say about technology?

Remarking that the “pandemic has laid bare the social inequalities that afflict our peoples,” the Pope said “it is clear that technology can be a tool for good, and truly it is a tool for good, which permits dialogues such as this one, and many other things, but it can never replace contact between us, it can never …

What is the most recent encyclical?

Fratelli tutti is Pope Francis’ third encyclical letter, after Lumen fidei and Laudato si’. The document was first announced on 5 September 2020.

What does the Catholic Church say about digital technology?

Even as he cautions against over-reliance on technology, the pope has no choice but to embrace it. On the surface, Pope Francis’ thoughts on the power of the Internet can appear contradictory, particularly when the Internet is flooded with news about his historic arrival in the US, complete with hashtags and PopeMojis.

Does the Pope use the Internet?

Pope Francis has never been on the Internet in his life. But he has nine @Pontifex Twitter accounts and more than 20 million followers. “Communications is paramount with him,” says journalist Robert Draper, who wrote the August National Geographic cover story about how Francis is changing the Vatican.

How many encyclicals are there?

Since the pontificate of Pius VII in 1800 and throughout history, the Popes have collectively written a total of 275 encyclicals with a primarily social focus.

What is Pope Francis most recent encyclical?

The Encyclical “Fratelli tutti” The Encyclical “Fratellli tutti” was signed by Pope Francis on 3 October 2020 in Assisi. The text was made public the following day, 4 October.

Can the Pope have a computer?

It didn’t stop the pontiff from hosting a Google+ hangout. The 78-year-old pontiff hosted a Google+ hangout where he confessed that he has no computer know-how.

Is the Internet a gift from God?

Pope Francis today declared the Internet “a gift from God,” in a statement released by the Vatican to mark the Catholic Church’s World Communications Day. The pope said the Internet “offers immense possibilities for encounter and solidarity” and that “is something truly good.”

What is the oldest encyclical?

Ubi primum
In 1740, Pope Benedict XIV wrote a letter titled Ubi primum, which is generally regarded as the first encyclical.

What does Fratelli Tutti means?

all brothers
The title, Fratelli tutti — literally meaning “all brothers” — comes from an admonition of St. Francis of Assisi (ca. 1181–1226) to his Franciscan brothers and sisters to follow a way of life marked by the Gospel.

Are encyclicals infallible?

Encyclicals are authoritative, not to be criticized or rejected lightly by members of the church, but they are not infallible.

Are encyclicals necessary?

Encyclicals are not necessarily “infallible” statements—although they can be if the pope wants to go through that process. That doesn’t happen often. Normally encyclicals offer important guiding principles for the faithful to reflect on.