What does Emmis Communications do?

What does Emmis Communications do?

About Emmis Communications

One of the nation’s most respected diversified communications companies, Emmis Communications (NASDAQ: EMMS) owns 11 FM and 3 AM radio stations in Austin (Emmis has a 50.1% controlling interest), Indianapolis and New York.

Who owns Emmis Communications?

Jeff Smulyan
Jeffrey H. Smulyan serves as founder and chairman of the board of Emmis Communications Corporation, an Indianapolis-based media company principally focused on radio broadcasting with stations in five U.S. markets. Jeff is the leading advocate of getting FM-enabled wireless devices in smartphones.

What stations does Emmis Communications own?

Austin – KLBJ-AM – 590.

  • Austin – KLBJ-FM – 93.7.
  • Austin – KBPA-FM – 103.5.
  • Austin – KLZT-FM – 107.1.
  • Austin – KROX-FM – 101.5.
  • Austin – KGSR-FM – 93.3.
  • Who bought WIBC?

    INDIANAPOLIS–Employees at Emmis Communications learned Monday that Emmis radio properties WIBC; Hank-FM; The Fan; B105. 7 and Network Indiana, will be sold to Urban One, which already owns and operates several radio stations in the Indianapolis market.

    Who owns Hank FM?

    Hank FM

    Owner Kroger Media Envision Radio Networks
    First air date March 25th, 2005

    Did WIBC get sold?

    Indianapolis-based Emmis Communications Corp. announced Monday an agreement to sell the radio stations in its home market—including longstanding local stalwart WIBC-FM 93.1 —to Maryland-based Urban One, which already owns several local stations.

    Who owns Urban One?

    Cathy Hughes
    Urban One

    Type Public
    Founder Cathy Hughes
    Headquarters 1010 Wayne Avenue Floor 14 Silver Spring, Maryland 20910
    Area served United States
    Key people Cathy Hughes (Chairman) Alfred C. Liggins III (President & CEO)

    Is WIBC going off the air?

    The familiar crackle of those AM airwaves will go silent indefinitely on Aug. 2. The tower site for the former WIBC towers has been sold, and the towers will be coming down.

    Why is mock leaving WIBC?

    Mock from the “Mock n’ Rob Show” made the sad announcement Monday that she is resigning from her position as the midday co-host on WIBC to focus full-time on the “Chicks on the Right.”

    Who owns urban one?

    Who is the CEO of urban one?

    Alfred C. Liggins III (1997–)Urban One / CEO

    How many stations does urban one own?

    55 broadcast stations
    Our core business is our radio broadcasting franchise that is the largest radio broadcasting operation that primarily targets African-American and urban listeners. We currently own and operate 55 broadcast stations located in 16 urban markets in the United States.

    What happened to 1070 The Fan in Indianapolis?

    The Fan, a sports talk station, is home of the Indianapolis Colts, the Indiana Pacers and the Indy 500. It currently operates at 93.5 and 107.5. It was launched in 2007 on the former 1070 signal (when WIBC moved to 93.1-FM) and moved to 107.5 in 2017, and added 93.5 in 2019.

    Where is mock from WIBC going?

    Clark and Miriam Weaver, who is known as Mock on the program, will continue to produce their “Chicks on the Right” podcast on Radio America and write for their website. The last “Chicks on the Right” show on WIBC will air on Oct. 29.

    What happened to mock on WIBC?

    Mock from the “Mock n’ Rob Show” made the sad announcement Monday that she is resigning from her position as the midday co-host on WIBC to focus full-time on the “Chicks on the Right.” Her last official show will be on January 28th.

    Why is Urban One stock dropping?

    Why Urban One’s Stock Crashed by 39% Today. Shares of Urban One (NASDAQ: UONEK) had plunged by 39% as of 1:19 p.m. Wednesday as it appeared voters in Richmond, Virginia, had on Tuesday rejected the media company’s proposal to develop the ONE Casino & Resort in the city.

    Is Urban One public company?

    It is the largest African-American-owned broadcasting company in the United States, operating 55 radio stations and majority-owning the syndicator Reach Media, as well as its digital arm Interactive One, and the cable network TV One. Urban One, Inc.

    Urban One.

    Type Public
    Website urban1.com

    Who is the CEO of Urban One?

    Is 1070 the fan still on the air?

    Emmis Communications Corp. announced Monday that radio station WFNI—known as The Fan—will stop broadcasting at AM 1070 starting Aug. 2 as the signal’s towers in Whitestown are dismantled to make way for development.

    Where is Daisy from WIBC?

    Amy Jo Clark—known as Daisy on the show that airs 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. daily—told listeners on Friday that she has accepted a position as director of communications “at a fantastic technology company” that she didn’t name.

    Who is Casey on WIBC?

    Casey Daniels
    Casey Daniels, whose radio career includes a stint at Indianapolis station WZPL-FM 99.5, is joining the staff of WIBC-FM 93.1 as co-host of a morning talk show. Daniels will succeed “Chicks on the Right” co-founder Miriam “Mock” Weaver as the on-air partner of Rob Kendall on a show that airs 9 a.m. to noon.

    Is urban one stock a good buy?

    If you are looking for stocks with good return, Urban One Inc – Class A can be a profitable investment option. Urban One Inc – Class A quote is equal to 5.620 USD at 2022-09-02. Based on our forecasts, a long-term increase is expected, the “UONE” stock price prognosis for 2027-08-27 is 6.048 USD.

    What kind of company is UONE?

    Urban One, Inc. is a multi-media company engaged in radio broadcasting that targets African-American and urban listeners. It operates through the following segments: Radio Broadcasting, Reach Media, Digital, and Cable Television.

    How many employees does Urban One have?

    1,011 employees
    Based in Silver Spring, MD, Urban One is a key player in the media industry with 1,011 employees and an annual revenue of $439.1M.

    What happened to 1070 news radio?

    As you read in this paper — or heard for yourself if you tuned in on your radio — KNX (1070 AM) is now on FM. The all-news station began an AM-FM simulcast at 3 p.m. on Monday, December 6th, over the airwaves of KNOU (97.1 FM).