What does EFR turbo stand for?

What does EFR turbo stand for?

Engineered For Racing
Turbocharger technology is ever advancing, and BorgWarner’s new Engineered For Racing (EFR) line of turbochargers represents some of the most advanced units we have seen.

Are EFR turbos ball bearing?

All EFR turbochargers use high-end Ceramic Ball Bearings for Enhanced Turbo Response — Even though BorgWarner has been known as a long-time manufacturer of high end journal bearing turbos, the engineering team developed ceramic ball bearing cartridges for the uncompromising EFR series.

Where are BorgWarner Turbo made?

BorgWarner builds the turbochargers at its facility in Itatiba City, Brazil, using high-volume, lean manufacturing processes and precision robotics.

How do you size a turbo?

The calculation is simple: Divide the absolute outlet pressure that you think you want (14.7 + boost pressure) by the absolute inlet pressure that the Earth says you can have (14.7) and you’ve got your pressure ratio. Limiting yourself to a reasonable number is the hardest part.

What turbos are made in the USA?

Bullseye Power Turbochargers – Proudly Made In The USA.

Who owns BorgWarner Inc?

Frédéric Lissalde
The company maintains production facilities and technical systems at 93 sites (as of June 6, 2022) in 22 countries worldwide and has around 49,000 employees. BorgWarner is one of the 25 largest automotive suppliers in the world. Frédéric Lissalde has been CEO of BorgWarner Inc….BorgWarner.

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Website borgwarner.com

What is a OEM turbo?

Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) OEM products are endorsed by the automaker and are often significantly more expensive than aftermarket parts. The automaker usually guarantees OEM parts to be compatible with the vehicle; installation of the parts may also be guaranteed in some cases.

Are Garrett turbos made in China?

Garrett China Celebrates Key Milestone with 20 Millionth Turbo Produced in China.

Who makes the most reliable turbocharger?

The study found that six brands have only turbocharged engines with better reliability than the average non-turbo engine. These brands were Honda, Lexus, BMW, Porsche, Audi, and Subaru.

Is BorgWarner a good company?

Is BorgWarner a good company to work for? BorgWarner has an overall rating of 3.9 out of 5, based on over 1,178 reviews left anonymously by employees. 77% of employees would recommend working at BorgWarner to a friend and 67% have a positive outlook for the business.

Is BorgWarner an American company?

BorgWarner Inc. is a U.S. automotive supplier headquartered in Auburn Hills, Michigan. The company maintains production facilities and technical systems at 93 sites (as of June 6, 2022) in 22 countries worldwide and has around 49,000 employees. BorgWarner is one of the 25 largest automotive suppliers in the world.

What is an efr9174 Turbo?

CALL A PRODUCT EXPERT NOW AT 602-437-2101 The EFR9174 is a hybrid turbo that combines the turbine from 8374 with the compressor from 9180. EFR9174 is intended for applications which will push a turbo to the limit with high boost and critically high turbo shaft speed, especially at altitude.

What is a 6758 EFR Turbo?

The EFR 6758 is a remarkably versatile turbocharger, packaged in the compact B1 EFR frame. The compressor offers broad map width for outstanding power potential in a variety of applications from rally, drift, road racing, autocross, drag and street driven applications.

What is the EFR 58mm turbine wheel?

The EFR 58mm turbine wheel is made of Gamma-Ti for low inertia and an optimal match for the FMW compressor wheel. Ideal for use in single turbo applications for the 300-450hp range, or as twin turbo applications 550-900+hp.

What kind of Turbo does airwerks use?

With a twin hydrodynamic journal bearing design, AirWerks turbochargers feature an effective high-pressure ratio compressor stage, extended-tip technology and a high-efficiency turbine stage. The configuration provides ultra-fast response and more than 70 PSI of boost.

What size is a BorgWarner S475?

See all 19 photos The S475 was equipped with an 83mm turbine wheel and 1.0 AR turbine housing. See all 19 photos Run on the dyno with the Borg S475, the turbo 6.0L produced 878 hp and 804 lb-ft of torque at a peak boost pressure of 11.3 psi. See all 19 photos Next up was the larger Borg Warner S480.

Does a bigger turbine housing make more power?

In Summary. Overall our experimentation with different housings showed us that smaller turbos really can be effective at making big power, but there’s always a trade-off and that sometimes it makes more sense to run a larger turbo with a smaller housing than a smaller turbo with the larger housing.

How do I know what size BorgWarner turbo I have?

BorgWarner may also refer to this as the “Customer Number” or “Cust-No”, and this part of the tag may also say “Size” on it. One exception to the top line of the tag displaying the OEM number would be if your turbo is a BorgWarner aftermarket replacement.

How big is a s464 turbo?

Turbo Dimensions: 63.5mm Compressor Wheel. 83/74mm Turbine Wheel.

How big is a s480 turbo?

Turbo Specifications: Turbine Wheel Outer Diameter (mm): 96mm. Turbine Wheel Outer Diameter (in): 3.77. Turbine Wheel Exducer (mm): 88mm.

Does Borg Warner make a ball bearing turbo?

Are Borg Warner turbos water cooled?

Initially available for the Range Rover Sport and new Land Rover Discovery SUVs utilizing the new engine, BorgWarner’s advanced turbocharging technology features a water-cooled compressor housing, offers improved low-end torque and enhances engine performance and efficiency while contributing to emissions reduction.

How big is a S472 Turbo?

87.37/81.74mm Turbine Wheel.

What size is a gt42 turbo?

Garrett G-Series G42-1200 73mm – Dual Ball Bearing Turbo.

Are turbo housings interchangeable?

Remember, a turbine housing is engineered only to fit a specific turbo series. For example, G25 has T25 and V-Band turbine inlet flange options, those turbine housings can fit any of the G25 turbochargers (G25-550 and G25-660).

How do you measure a turbo blanket?

The dimensions of the turbo blankets are based on 2 simple measurements.

  1. The first measurement is de circumference excluding the flange.
  2. The second measure is the width of the turbo at its widest point excluding the flanges.

What turbos are made in USA?

Does density altitude affect turbo cars?

The bottom line: Density altitude affects even a turbocharged engine, though perhaps to a lesser extent than a normally aspirated powerplant. If all you do is fly a lightly loaded airplane from airports with lengthy runways at or near sea level, you rarely need to worry too much about density altitude.