What devices work with Vera?

What devices work with Vera?


  • VeraPlus controller uses Zigbee H.A 1.2 (Home automation), not Zigbee L.L (Light Link).
  • WiFi devices can be controlled either by using Alexa or Google Assistant, or via available plugins.
  • Wink branded products, Lutron blinds, Pella blinds, and Ring doorbell cameras are not supported.

What is the VERA system?

Vera is powerful digital rights management software for ultimate data protection.

Which home alarm is best?

Best home security systems of 2022

  • Vivint. : Best overall.
  • SimpliSafe. : Budget pick.
  • ADT. : Trusted brand name.
  • Cove. : Best customer experience.
  • Frontpoint. : High-end DIY pick.
  • Abode. : Best DIY automation security system.
  • Ring Alarm. : Best outdoor cameras.
  • Blue by ADT. : Best optional monitoring system.

Does nest work with Vera?

This plugin will monitor and control your Nest thermostat(s) and/or Protect smoke/CO detector(s) through your Vera home automation gateway.

Does Vera support WIFI?

VeraEdge and VeraPlus also support many network IP or WIFI devices through free plug-ins written by their community members. Additionally, VeraPlus supports Zigbee HA1.

How do I set up Vera Plus?

Connect VeraPlus to your local network: Wait for Power, Internet, Wi-Fi, Z-Wave, and Service, lights turn solid green (Note: This should take about 15 minutes, the controller might upgrade automatically) Once the lights have stabilized, you can go on to the next step – set up your account.

Is Verisure worth the money?

Is Verisure right for you? Verisure is perfect if you want a security system with innovations no other security company in the UK provides. It’s also great if you want smart home integration, but don’t want to fuss with setting up all of the devices yourself. A Verisure technician installs everything for you.

How do I add wifi to my Vera?

Go to your Vera web interface, then Apps, Install Apps and search for “Virtual HTTP Light Devices (Switch, Dimmer, RGB)”. Click Details, then Install. After you install it, create a new device (if not already created automatically) and then configure the parameters as suggested in the previous link.

How do I connect my Vera Plus to WIFI?

Just connect your PC, Mac, or other web browser to one of Vera’s network ports, or connect to Vera wirelessly. Vera’s built-in wireless comes pre-configured, so if you have a wireless / Wi-Fi device, you will automatically see the “Vera” network and be able to connect to it.

How do you turn on a Vera 3?


  1. Plug the Vera 3 into your mains supply and connect it with an Ethernet cable to the internet via router or home network.
  2. Simply switch on the Vera 3 and wait about 2 minutes until the LEDs at the front light up continuously.
  3. Select the tab “Support” and then click on “Setup” and chose “Vera3”.

Is a home alarm system worth it?

Studies have shown that having a home security system significantly reduces the chance of crime at the property. In fact, about 60% of convicted burglars said that they would not target homes that have a security system.