What ATAR do you need for Monash medicine?

What ATAR do you need for Monash medicine?

ATAR or Year 12 Equivalent

To be considered for a place in the Direct Entry Medical program at Monash University, you will need to have: a high study score of at least 35 (out of a score of 50) in English as an Alternate Language or 30 (out of a score of 50) in English. at least 30 (out of a score of 50) in Chemistry.

What is a good ATAR for medicine?

For students wishing to study medicine in New South Wales, they will need to achieve an ATAR above 90 and in most cases in the mid-90s or even higher.

What ATAR do I need for medicine in Melbourne?

99.00 or above
Guaranteed Full Fee Entry (current University of Melbourne students who entered their undergraduate degree at the University of Melbourne with an ATAR of 99.00 or above).

What VCE score do you need to get into medicine?

Minimum ATAR (or eqv): 96.00.

Is it hard to get into Monash medicine?

To be eligible for a spot in the Bachelor of Medical Science and Doctor of Medicine at Monash, you’ll need to achieve an ATAR of at least 96.35, although a higher score will definitely increase your chances. Medicine at Monash is a pretty tough course to get into so there aren’t too many alternative entry pathways.

What is the lowest ATAR score possible?

The ATAR is a number from 0 and 99.95 in intervals of 0.05. The highest rank is 99.95, the next highest 99.90, and so on. The lowest automatically reported rank is 30.00, with ranks below 30.00 being reported as ‘less than 30’.

What ATAR do you need to be a surgeon in Australia?

Some universities have entry pathways to their postgraduate medical course for Grade 12 graduates provided you complete a relevant undergraduate degree at their institution. These places are highly competitive and generally require an ATAR of at least 99.

What ATAR do I need for Harvard?

Convert your results to GPA

  • ≥99. ATAR Requirement.
  • 3.7 – 4.0. GPA Aim (top of class)
  • 1460 – 1580. Average SAT Score.
  • 32 – 35. Average ACT Score.

How hard is it to get into Monash medicine?

What Atar do I need for Harvard?

Is Melbourne or Monash better for medicine?

In summary, Medicine via UCAT at Monash is far better for the students and their parents, but GMASAT route at Melbourne is better for the university.

What ATAR is straight B’s?

B student is a atar of like 80s..

Is a 92 ATAR good?

It actually means you’re in the top 40 per cent of your year group. Similarly, an ATAR score of 90 means you’re placed in the top 10 per cent of your year.

What is the highest ATAR you can get?


Does Oxford accept Atar?

A position between 98.5 and 99.5 (depending on the course) of a maximum 99.95 in the Australia Tertiary Admissions Rank (ATAR) and successful completion of one of the following qualifications: ACT Year 12 Certificate.

Can an Australian go to Yale?

Yale requires that non-native English-speakers who have not taken at least two years of secondary education where English is the medium of instruction submit the results from any of the proficiency tests listed below.

What is the number 1 medical school in Australia?

The University of Sydney Medical School
The University of Sydney Medical School is ranked number 1 in Australia by QS Top Universities Rankings 2022. The school is ranked number 18 globally for medicine according to QS Top Universities Rankings by Subject 2022.

Is it difficult to get into Monash medicine?

Is a 78 ATAR good?

An ATAR is a rank given in increments of 0.05 between 0.0 and 99.95, meaning that a score of 75 puts you in the top 25 per cent of your state.

How hard is it to get 80 ATAR?

An 80 ATAR is difficult to achieve since only 20 percent of people score 80.00 or more.

How hard is it to get 95 ATAR?

For instance, to score an ATAR of 95, you would need to score in the top 16% of Physics and 18% of Chemistry, but you need to be in the top 8% of Biology. Students who have fair numeracy should definitely consider taking Physics and Chemistry.

Who got the lowest ATAR?

Students with low ATAR scores accepted 2018 uni spots
The Federation University of Australia’s lowest reported ATAR was 22, for Southern Cross University it was 35, and 36 for the Australian Catholic University (ACU).

What ATAR do you need to get into Cambridge?

98.50 to 99.50 overall
A coveted admission into the University of Cambridge requires a rank of 98.50 to 99.50 overall, on top of similar performance on the subjects in your secondary school certificate.

Can an Australian go to Harvard?

We welcome applications from all over the world. Our admissions and financial aid processes are the same for all applicants – regardless of nationality or citizenship.

Is medicine better at Monash or Melbourne?