What are some good quotes from divergent?

What are some good quotes from divergent?

Divergent Quotes

  • “We believe in ordinary acts of bravery, in the courage that drives one person to stand up for another.”
  • “Becoming fearless isn’t the point.
  • “I am selfish.
  • “My mother’s death was brave.
  • “Because you’re from Abnegation,” he says, “and it’s when you’re acting selflessly that you are at your bravest.”

What is the motto in divergent?

As you can see, Dauntless’s motto is: We believe in freedom from fear, in ordinary acts of bravery, in defending those who cannot defend themselves.

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What is the Dauntless manifesto in divergent?

Dauntless Manifesto

“We believe that cowardice is to blame for the world’s injustices. We believe that peace is hard-won, that sometimes it is necessary to fight for peace.”

Who says faction before blood in divergent?

“Faction before blood,” the motto from Tris’s textbook, echoes the philosophy that people should be loyal to those who share their beliefs and values, not necessarily to those who raised them.

WHO says fear doesn’t shut you down it wakes you up in divergent?

“Fear doesn’t shut you down; it wakes you up” – Tobias Eaton | Divergent funny, Divergent, Words.

Is Christina Divergent?

Zoë Kravitz plays Christina in the 2014 Divergent, 2015 The Divergent Series: Insurgent, and 2016 The Divergent Series: Allegiant.

First appearance Divergent
Last appearance Allegiant
Created by Veronica Roth
Portrayed by Zoë Kravitz

How old is Tris in Divergent?

Beatrice Prior, the narrator and protagonist of Divergent, is a smart and stubborn sixteen-year-old girl. Initially, she lives with her mother, father, and brother in Abnegation, the faction focused on selflessness and humility, but it’s clear as the novel opens that she isn’t at home there.

Why do Dauntless wear black?

They strive to become courageous and durable. The Dauntless are those who guard The Fence, making sure no one gets in or out, and are the best soldiers. The Dauntless colour is black. Members of Dauntless dress in tight-fitting, dark or black clothing that aids in their lifestyle of battle and training.

Why is faction before blood important?

What does faction over blood mean?

“Faction Before Blood” was the first principle of the Factions. It told the transfers and original Faction members to be loyal to their chosen Faction before thinking about loved ones they may have left behind.

Why does Tris get the abnegation symbol tattoo?

Tris is inked with three ravens on her collarbone, which she explains in the book as “a reminder of where I was…a way to honor my old life.” The birds represent each of the members of the family she leaves behind when she chooses to join the Dauntless—her mother, father, and brother.

What does fear doesn’t shut you down it wakes you up?

Divergent discussion
“Fear doesn’t shut you down; it wakes you up” This quote show how Tris is brave and never gives up. This is told in a confident tone meaning that nothing should stop you not even fear. “Becoming fearless isn’t the point.

Who kills Tris?

Towards the end, Tris goes into the Weapons Lab instead of Caleb, surviving the death serum, but was shot and killed by David. Before going in, she told Caleb that if she didn’t survive, he had to tell Tobias that she didn’t want to leave him.

Is Tris mum Divergent?

In Allegiant, Tris discovers that her mother is actually Pure (Divergent, which means that they are normal people like us, without genes that were modified) and comes from Milwaukee and not from Chicago (where Tris lived most of her life).

Why is Tris called Six?

High school. Tris Prior has been kicked out of 6 schools that’s why people call her Six. She comes to a new school called Dauntless High.

Is Beatrice’s mom Divergent?

Why is Tobias called four?

He gets the nickname “Four” from his instructor Amar due to having only four fears: heights, shooting innocents, claustrophobia and his father, Marcus Eaton.

Is Tris all 5 factions?

Tris, aka Beatrice Prior
Tris’s result indicates that she doesn’t fit neatly into any of the five factions, meaning that she is “divergent”. She has equal aptitude for Erudite, Dauntless and Abnegation, the latter being her family’s faction, and has to decide which of the three to join.

Who says faction before blood in Divergent?

Why were factions created in Divergent?

The factions were created with the hopes of eliminating future war and violence. It was believed that if each person selects their faction and focuses only on their faction’s morals everyone will be equal and there will be no conflict.

What age do you choose your faction in divergent?

sixteen years of age
The Choosing Ceremony is a ceremonial day observed each year at The Hub. Those who are sixteen years of age will choose one of the five factions (most likely the result of their Aptitude Test or born-faction, but they have the freedom to choose any).

Is Four also Divergent?

So Four is not considered as a divergent because he is still genetically damaged though he posses a ability of resistance to simulations.

What book does Tris get pregnant?

❤️ Fourtris Eternity ❤️ – Chapter 58 : Tris’s Pregnancy….

Why is Tobias called Four?

What are Tris’s 7 fears?

Tris’s fears include being devoured by crows, drowning in a tank, being kidnapped in her Abnegation bedroom, killing her family, the ocean and rocks, and being burned at the stake. Tris was able to get past all her fears in record breaking time, which Four was impressed by.